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By turning organic waste into clean energy, our systems unlock an entire world of advantages for homeowners, farmers, education centers and community gardens.

  • Annual Maintenance Kit

  • Yearly Filter Kit

  • Yearly Filter Kit (3 flanges-old system)

  • Annual Maintenance Kit (Bio-Toilet Service Kit)

    Annual Maintenance Kit (Bio-Toilet Service Kit)

  • Probiotic Tablets (Bio-Booster)

  • HomeBiogas Sink Cover

    HomeBiogas Sink Cover

  • Countertop Biogas Stove (single burner)

    Countertop Biogas Stove (Single Burner)

  • Countertop Biogas Stove (double burner)

    Countertop Biogas Stove (Double Burner)

  • Built-In Biogas Stove

    Built-In Biogas Stove


What our customers around the world are saying about our systems:

Chris and Jenna
Off-grid living

User-Friendly Off-Grid Living

We didn’t want a compost toilet as it is not very user-friendly, and we didn’t want a septic tank as it is expensive, with the HomeBiogas Bio-toilet, we can be off-grid and still have a pretty and comfortable set-up.

Chris and Jenna Pelayo, South Carolina, USA

Modern Comfort with Minimal Impact

HomeBiogas allows me to have modern flushing toilets at each yurt and the bonus is that  it cancels the footprint of my guests driving to our beautiful Eco Village in the desert.

Erin Stevenson, California, USA

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