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What Are Portable Toilets?

Portable toilets, sometimes affectionately called “nature’s pit stops,” serve as compact, self-contained facilities that cater to your biological needs in various settings, from special occasions and sporting events to camping. 

Features and Innovations

Portable waste management systems have come a long way with innovative qualities, enhancing the overall user experience. Modern waste management equipment often includes spacious and well-ventilated interiors, ergonomic seating, and thoughtful design to maximize space. Many are equipped with hand sanitizers, ensuring a higher level of hygiene — particularly convenient at high-traffic fairs or festivals where attendees need extra cleanliness.

Innovation extends to the environmental sphere, too. Sustainable options like composting toilets and low-flow flush versions are now available, contributing to reduced water usage and waste management. Additionally, some models come with solar-powered lighting for nighttime use, reducing energy consumption. 

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Many portable toilets prioritize water conservation, sustainable waste management, and reduced carbon footprints. With waste separation systems and composting technology, they significantly reduce the environmental impact of waste management and disposal.

Transport and servicing have also become more environmentally responsible. Efficient routing and scheduling, as well as the use of eco-friendly vehicles, help reduce the carbon footprint associated with logistics. These practices lessen the impact on local ecosystems and air quality, making portable structures a greener choice for events and camping.

Types of Portable Toilets

Portable toilets for outdoor festivals and construction sites:

  • Standard — basic systems with a toilet seat and holding tank, commonly used for temporary needs
  • Flushable — equipped with a flushing system for improved sanitation for attendees
  • VIP — exclusive 2-stall or single units with amenities like sinks, mirrors, and interior lighting, commonly used at weddings and high-end occasions for premium ticket holders
  • ADA-compliant — designed for accessibility with larger space and handrails, ensuring inclusion for individuals with disabilities
  • High-rise portable — specifically for multi-story construction sites, featuring lifting mechanisms to transport waste to ground-level holding tanks

Mobile, eco-friendly portable toilets.
Modern bio-toilet modular toilet. Mobile eco-friendly with standard cabins and a cabin for people with disabilities.

Portable toilets for camping sites:

  • Composting — using natural processes to break down waste into compost, popular in remote areas
  • Cassette — frequently installed in RVs and camper vans, coming with a removable waste tank for convenient disposal
  • Portable flushable — including a flush mechanism for improved sanitation and a higher level of comfort
  • Basic bucket — sturdy plastic or metal buckets with a snap-on lid and a toilet seat that fits securely on top, as a minimalist option for Leave No Trace camping

Portable restrooms for indoor use, luxury, or glamping destinations:

  • Trailer-mounted — all-in-one, luxurious restroom solutions with multiple stalls and additional space for sinks and even showers
  • Biogas bio-kits — off-grid, modern, and efficient alternative to conventional restrooms, ideal for glamping sites

Solutions for emergency and disaster relief areas:

  • Specialized — military-grade field waste management systems for emergency response teams
  • Chemical — using chemicals to break down and deodorize waste

Benefits and Drawbacks of Portable Toilets


  • You can set up a portable toilet almost anywhere it’s needed, making them great for multiple purposes.
  • Most systems include hand sanitizers and built-in waste tanks to maintain a hygienic environment.
  • ADA-compliant options ensure accessibility to adequate restroom services for everyone.
  • In disaster relief efforts, portable restrooms are crucial for providing appropriate sanitation when conventional infrastructure is unavailable.
  • From basic models to luxurious restroom trailers, there’s a wide range to choose from, so you get the comfort level you need.


  • For how much manufacturers hate to admit it, some toilet models release unpleasant odors.
  • Keeping the restrooms clean and well-stocked requires regular maintenance.
  • Most portable restrooms have limited tank sizes, requiring frequent servicing, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • The fancier the toilet, the larger it gets, making some models unsuitable for small spaces or remote camping sites.
  • Disposing waste, especially from chemical restrooms, can be environmentally problematic.

Learn How to Rent Portable Toilets for Your Next Event

1. Estimate restroom needs. 

  • Generally, one toilet per 100 guests is a good starting point.
  • If your event spans multiple days, count additional units for servicing and waste disposal. If it’s in a remote area without other available structures, you’ll need to provide extra resources.
  • Include ADA-compliant portable restrooms to ensure all attendees can access appropriate sanitation.

2. Choose the proper portable restrooms depending on your event’s nature and budget. 

3. Research rental companies

  • Look for reputable, local providers with a good track record in the industry.
  • Ask for quotes and compare prices, but remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best.
  • Choose a rental company that offers regular cleaning and restocking to keep the restrooms in good condition.
  • Ideally, contact a company providing proper signage to help attendees find the restrooms quickly.

4. Discuss placement requirements and identify the best restroom locations. 

Identifying the ideal location for your portable toilet.

5. Arrange for delivery and pickup.

6. Include information about the locations of the structures in your materials and maps. 

7. Discuss waste disposal options with the rental company. 

Additional Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable Toilet

  • Family-friendly spaces with changing stations for special events targeting families or young children
  • Inclusive restroom service to cater to the needs of diverse attendees
  • Lighting for restroom areas that need to be well-lit for safety and convenience
  • On-site attendants who can ensure that the restrooms are clean, well-stocked, and adequately maintained throughout the event
  • Permits and regulations
  • Options for decorative covers or camouflage to make the washrooms blend seamlessly into the event’s surroundings

Top 5 Portable Toilets in 2023

1) PolyJohn PJN3 Fresh Flush 

PolyJohn PJN3 Fresh Flush checks all the boxes for an efficient portable toilet. It has a roomy interior, an anti-slip floor surface for improved safety, and a sanitary seat deck and floor design. Its flushing system allows waste to be effortlessly flushed away after each use. The sink is directly plumbed to the tank, while the flush benefits from the freshwater supply. The hands-free, foot-operated pump makes this one of the most hygienic solutions available.

The innovative design ensures that cleanliness doesn’t come at the expense of convenience. Maintenance is straightforward, making this model suitable for any circumstance.

2) Forest River’s Mobile Restroom Trailers

Forest River’s Mobile Restroom Trailers come fully equipped for turn-key operation and provide accessible control mechanisms. They have generously sized waste tanks with 3″ gate valves for convenient pumping. LED waste tank monitors simplify maintenance, while well-designed floorplans maximize space efficiency.

The trailers feature inviting porches with railings, ensuring a welcoming and safe atmosphere for event attendees. Many units also offer lockable storage cabinets for supplies, making them a well-rounded and convenient choice.

3) UltraLav 3-Stall Restroom Trailer 

UltraLav 3-Stall Restroom Trailer has three spacious restrooms and an extra-large 450-gallon waste tank offering 1,300+ flushes before requiring servicing. It’s the perfect solution for weddings, golf outings, and corporate functions.

he UltraLav Trailer - It's the best portable toilet solution for weddings, golf outings, and corporate functions.
The UltraLav Trailer – It’s the best portable toilet solution for weddings, golf outings, and corporate functions.

The modular design ensures that almost every component is easily accessible and replaceable. From surface-mounted plumbing to sink/countertops, fixtures, flooring, and even the one-piece ceiling, maintenance is straightforward.

4) Green Latrine ADA Toilet 

This ADA Toilet by Green Latrine offers ample space and accessibility for wheelchair users — four times the size of a standard portable restroom. It also serves as a versatile option for families. The unit has a flat-floor design that ensures easy wheelchair access, making it a remarkable solution for mobility-impaired individuals.

The manufacturer also offers a Single ADA Restroom Trailer that surpasses ADA criteria. The innovation lies in the “one-touch” hydraulic lowering system, which eliminates the need for bulky ramps, offering the utmost convenience for users.

5) JTG Urinal Unit

The JTG Urinal Unit is a practical answer to address restroom congestion by accommodating up to four men comfortably. The waste tanks, with a generous 70-gallon capacity each, provide all the functionality at a fraction of the cost, making it an excellent budget-friendly option for event organizers.

One of the standout features is the presence of multiple service ports located inside the unit at either end of both trough tanks. This design ensures easy maintenance and service accessibility. In addition, the included hand sanitizers enhance the overall hygiene and convenience for users.

Proper Usage and Maintenance

Even the best portable toilet requires proper maintenance to stay functional. Regular servicing ensures that restrooms are clean, stocked, and odor-free. The frequency of servicing depends on factors like the event’s duration and the number of attendees. 

Encourage maintenance teams to pay attention to replenishing soap and paper towels, as well as emptying waste tanks. Hand sanitizers should be refilled, and any technical issues with flushing systems should be promptly addressed.

Simultaneously, you want to communicate clear usage guidelines to attendees to emphasize respect for the facilities and fellow users. Encouraging attendee cooperation is critical, and this can be facilitated by the presence of restroom attendants, regular reminders, and promoting a “Leave No Trace” mentality to deter misuse and vandalism. This combined approach ensures that everything remains in optimal condition and contributes to a positive event experience.

Meet HomeBiogas – Your #1 Alternative For Portable Toilets

HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet Kits bring a forward-thinking approach that perfectly balances the essential functionality of restrooms with a solid commitment to environmental responsibility. 

HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet Kits bring a forward-thinking approach that perfectly balances the essential functionality of restrooms with a solid commitment to environmental responsibility.
HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet Kits bring a forward-thinking approach that perfectly balances the essential functionality of restrooms with a solid commitment to environmental responsibility.

These bio-toilets prioritize user comfort and functionality with ergonomic seating, a possibility for ample interior space, and user-friendly components. Their minimal water usage and independence from sewage connections and chemical waste treatments significantly reduce the environmental impact, ensuring that your glamping sites or events leave minimal traces on the surroundings.

What truly sets these kits apart is their innovative waste-to-energy conversion system. Waste is recycled into biogas, a clean energy source that can be used for cooking or water heating. It’s a comprehensive, sustainable approach to outdoor sanitation that addresses both immediate needs and long-term ecological benefits.

To Sum It Up

Renting the best portable toilet is more than meeting a basic necessity. You want to pick modern solutions that prioritize user experience and the planet’s well-being — considering factors like size, functionality, and eco-friendliness.

Luckily, the market has something for everyone looking for comfortable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable waste management solutions. This way, you make your outdoor experience truly unforgettable for the attendees and untraceable for the planet.

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