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HomeBiogas Commercial System

Good for the world; smart for business.

For organizations who seek to lead the circular economy way, we offer an innovative on-site waste to resource system that allows you to turn zero-waste programs into long-lasting commitments.

Meet new state regulations requiring you to treat organic waste. Transform everyday waste into renewable energy. The award-winning HomeBiogas Commercial System converts scraps into renewable energy by applying the simple science of anaerobic digestion.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the cost and carbon footprint of waste
  • Create your own energy and reduce your energy costs
  • Divert your waste from landfills and decrease pollution
  • Reach your ESG and Zero-Waste targets
  • Meet new state regulations and standards

How Does it Work?


Kitchen waste is fed into the grinding unit


Waste is broken down into gas via an anaerobic process


The generated gas is converted into hot water


The hot water is redirected to the establishment for everyday use

The System is an ideal fit for


Multi-Family Complexes


Commercial-Sized Kitchens




Educational Institutions





Additional Advantages


Adopt the most sustainable organic waste management solution and reduce your carbon footprint by creating a complete waste to resource cycle.

Seamless experience

Our systems provide an all-in-one, user friendly solution to handle organic kitchen waste and fit perfectly into the existing kitchen infrastructure.

Financial Benefits

The Commercial systems allows you to cut expenses on energy costs, waste management, water heating and fertilizer for your garden.

“The system saves us the cost of waste collection and transport to landfills. It also prevents the emission of methane, a greenhouse gas, reduces the amount of gas for heating and the Bio-Fertilizer is used to fertilize the garden.”
Eran Lerner, in charge of the Commercial System implementation in Yagur

Latest News

Don’t Waste Food: This is how Hotels can reduce their food waste

Don’t Waste Food: This is how Hotels can reduce their food waste

After two years of Covid, the hotels are experiencing a revival and all of us are already fantasizing about a pampering vacation that includes tanning at the poolside and a rich buffet. But what happens to all the food that is left in the buffet after we're done piling it up on our plates? The hotel industry is responsible for 37% of the food waste in Israel, this is how the environmental and economic damage can be reduced.


Kibbutz Yagur: Dealing with leftovers and saving the environment

Kibbutz Yagur: Dealing with leftovers and saving the environment

Excerpt from an article first published in Haaretz, Israel's leading daily newspaper in February 2022. The organic food waste accumulating in the kibbutz dining hall is being ‘fed’ into a Commercial HomeBiogas System set up in the kibbutz. Bacteria break down the organic matter, a process that prevents greenhouse gas emissions and obviates the need for landfills as a solution.


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