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HomeBiogas Industrial System

The HomeBiogas Industrial system will be launched onto the market in 2022


An innovative on-site solution for organic waste treatment for industrial kitchens of public institutes, companies, hotels, restaurants and food complexes – user friendly anaerobic digester that converts organic waste to hot water.  The system enables to transform of up to 1 ton of waste per day into 1MMbtu of clean energy in the form of biogas used for heating water. The system saves the business in waste management and energy costs and reduces pollution in 2000 tons of carbon a year.


The system uses the anaerobic digestion technology, a technology in which anaerobic bacteria decomposes organic waste in an ecological and economical way into biogas and an organic liquid fertilizer. The biogas is used for water heating and the liquid is best used as a bio-fertilizer.



Homebiogas system at a restaurant


Kitchen scraps go through the feeding inlet to the Homebiogas system, and return as hot water for various uses

Key Benefits: Cost effective; Simple, surface-mounted design; Low maintenance;

For more information, please contact: [email protected]