Yearly Filter Kit (3 flanges-old system)


Removes hydrogen sulfide from the biogas generated by the system.

Year-Long Filter Kit
Complete kit with filters for one year's usage for the HomeBiogas 2 system with 3 flanges.
Hydrogen Sulfide Removal
Filters out H2S from the biogas, preventing stove corrosion and health hazards.
Eliminates Unpleasant Odors
Removes the smell from the gas for a more pleasant experience.
Eco-Friendly Soil Fertilizer
The used filter content can be buried in the garden's soil as an effective fertilizer.
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About this product

Removes hydrogen sulfide from the biogas generated by the system.


The gas filter contains elements that remove the H2s (hydrogen sulfide) from the biogas. The filter prevents stove corrosion and health hazards, while also removing the “rotten egg” smell from the gas. The used content of the filter serves as a great soil fertilizer and can be safely disposed of by burying it in the garden’s soil. Filter change frequency depends on the system in use.

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