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New generation of compost toilet

HomeBiogas gives you all the benefits of compost with all the comfort of a home toilet. And not only that, our Bio-Toilet allows you to recycle your organic waste, food scraps and manure into clean renewable energy for your home, farm, or business.

Reduce your carbon footprint
2 Years warranty

Save money, waste and the environment!

Generate ~1 hours

of cooking gas every day

Save 6 Tons

of CO2 emissions a year

Save Up to 40,000 Liters

of water per year

How does it works?


Business as usual

Do your business while using less water


Free cooking gas

Using anaerobic digestion, the system decomposes waste and transforms it into renewable biogas for cooking


Off grid mulch basin

The effluent can either run back into an underground drain field or into a mulch basin, to grow a beautiful and thriving garden

What Our Clients say!


"I absolutely love it but the most exciting part is that I run an Airbnb in Joshua Tree, CA and I rent out Yurts. I was originally using composting toilets for my guests and you can imagine how much fun that was. All my Yurts have their own BIOGAS Flushing toilet!!"


"I live off grid in rural Hawaii so the biogas with toilet attachment is perfect for my situation. For the last four years I have been using a traditional composting toilet so the upgrade to the biogas toilet has been awesome"


"Changed my life, we now have a sustainable solution for our waste .. it is very easy to use and on the way we get some cooking time!"


"we are actually saving money and maintenance and time with this bio-toilet! brilliant! We love it! we used to use the bucket for human waste.. we now use a normal toilet and we create gas! not smelly, very comfortable to use! great value for the money!!"

Meet the Bio-Toilet

Everything you need comes in the box

A custom Biogas Stove

Toilet Seat & Seat Cover + Fittings

Ceramic Toilet Bowl & Pump Assembly

Innovative, easy-to-install backyard Bio-System HOMEBIOGAS 2

Gas Pipe 7m / 23ft for outdoor piping + 3m / 10ft for indoor piping

Gas Filter