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DOUBLE Bio-Toilet & HBG4


The HomeBiogas 4 double Bio-Toilet Kit is a superior alternative to regular or compost toilets. Perfect for places with up to 6 people. With two biotoilets connected to one system at the same time, it gives you more flexibility and saves space! The double kit frees you to live in a self-sustainable and modern manner by turning your pollutant body waste into a valuable resource: biogas for cooking.

Reduce your carbon footprint
2 Years warranty

Everything you need comes in the box

A custom Biogas Stove

2 Toilet Seats & Seat Cover + Fittings

2 Ceramics Toilet Bowl & Pump Assembly

2m Waste Pipe + Vented Loop attached , Extra Vented Loop

Water Filter

Innovative, easy-to-install backyard Bio-System HOMEBIOGAS 4

Gas Pipe 14m / 46ft for outdoor piping + 3m / 10ft for indoor piping

Instruction Sticker

Gas Filter

Save money, save waste, and save the environment!

Generate ~2 hours

of cooking gas every day

Save 6 Tons

of CO2 emissions a year

Save Up to 72,000 Liters

of water per year