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people’s lives
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The Impact

3 billion people around the globe still rely on polluting fuels, with the majority still using charcoal and firewood for cooking. On average, a family of 5 will use 10kgs of wood for cooking every day, so we can estimate in countries that still rely on trees that we’re saving 526,554 trees every year!

With nearly 6,000 families in Africa and Asia using HomeBiogas systems, each year there are over 6,400,000 hours cooked on clean, renewable energy.

As a result of all the clean cooking, waste managed and trees saved,  each year every system owned offsets the equivalent of 6 tons of carbon, equaling approximately 58,506 tons mitigated every year.

We’re working to do our part to make an impact now and in the future!

Happy customers around the world are making an impact

Together, we can make a difference

Every year there are 15 billion trees cut down, an estimated 4 million deaths from household cooking smoke and greenhouse gas continues to rise. But together with HomeBiogas, we can work to reverse these figures.

We fulfill the UN 2030 sustainable development goals
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