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Raising the bar for bio-toilets

Our advanced bio-toilets are designed to be green, easy, and comfortable for suburban homeowners and off-gridders alike.

Green. Easy. Comfortable.


Designed to look and feel like a regular toilet, unlike composting, it’s odorless and mess free.


Reducing your carbon footprint by saving water with every flush, it turns your waste into clean biogas for cooking.


Simple to install and maintain, you don’t need to connect to a sewage line.

How do our bio-toilets work?


Business as usual

Step 1: Do your ‘business’ as usual and flush


Anaerobic digester

Step 2: Let the Anaerobic digester process convert the waste into your cooking gas


Free cooking gas

Biogas is created and accumulates inside the system.


Off grid mulch basin

Step 3: Utilize the effluent to grow a beautiful garden


  • How does it work?

    It’s very simple: all you need to do is to flush the waste down the Bio-toilet. The waste then goes through the waste pipes into the system, where the anaerobic bacteria break it down into biogas for clean cooking and effluent for further treatment in mulch basin/ septic or sewage. (following local regulation)

  • Can I place the Bio-toilet in my tiny house?

    Yes! As long as it is within the right distance from the system.

  • How many flushes can I feed with?

    Depends on the system you have. Start with 25 flushes for HomeBiogas 2 and up to 75 for HomeBiogas 6.

  • Do I need to separate waste?

    No, it is not necessary.

  • Should I use on a daily basis?

    You can feed whenever you want, you can miss days. The system is designed to provide biogas only when you feed.

  • How much water does it take per flush?

    The Biotoilet takes 1.2L per flush, but may vary as each “slight” pump uses only 300 ml of water.

  • Can I connect to a regular toilet?

    No! Both in term of design and water use.

  • How do I separate urine?

    No need to separate urine! HomeBiogas Bio-toilet is very easy to use and all you need to do is flush your toilet.

  • Can I use toilet paper?

    Toilet paper is not recommended to be used in the system as it can get stuck in the pipes in larger quantities.

  • What maintenance is needed?

    Once every 6 months, you’ll need to replace the gas filter.

  • How do I clean my toilet?

    Water, vinegar and ecological cleaners only! Do not use chemicals as it will kill the bacteria.

  • Does it smell?

    One of the greatest advantages of the Bio-Toilet is that it’s odorless.

  • How hard is it to build the mulch basin?

    Super easy! All you need is a small field, filled with mulch and topped with soil. For the dimensions, please see the Bio-toilet manuals and this installation video.

  • How often is the effluent produced?

    The effluent flows continuously with every flush.

  • How do I treat the effluent?

    There are 3 options to treat the effluent: (1) building an off grid mulch basin or drain field. (2) connecting the system’s outlet to the septic (3) connecting the system’s oulet to the sewage Please note that you’ll need to follow according to your local regulation on any of the 3 options mentioned above. HomeBiogas’s recommendation is 1 – a mulch basin or drain field.

  • Can I use the effluent in my garden?

    The effluent that is released from the system’s outlet requires further treatment and can not be used on edible plants.

  • Where should I install the water heater?

    The water heater should be installed in an open and sheltered area. If you are installing it in a well-ventilated indoor location, we recommend purchasing a 90 mm (3.5 inch) diameter chimney. The chimney should be installed according to local regulations. A general guideline would be an upward slope and a maximum length of 2m.

  • Can I put the Bio-toilet indoors?

    You can put it anywhere you want as long as it is within the right distance from the system?

  • How far can the toilet be from the system?

    If the toilet and system are the same height, then the distance between the two can be up to 5m/16 ft. If the toilet is 1m higher than the distance between the two, the distance can be up to 10m/32ft.

  • Do I need electricity?

    HomeBiogas Bio-toilet is completely off-grid and does not require any electricity.

  • Do I need to secure pressurized water?

    Not at all! all you need is a standing source of water like a bucket.

  • How do I install the toilet?

    Here’s a video to show you just how easily it’s done.

  • Can I activate at 5C/ 41F?

    No, activation needs to be done at a warmer temperature. At least 21C/ 69F.

  • Can I use the system during a freeze?

    We do not recommend using HomeBiogas at or below freezing points.

  • What is the right temperature?

    HomeBiogas loves warmer climates. With that being said, human waste doesn’t require lots of energy to breakdown, therefore a minimum temperature of 41F/ 5C is needed. (gas may not accumulate below 50F, but we do have a solution for that — the HomeBiogas booster kit! )

  • Is HomeBiogas a safe product?

    HomeBiogas is a safe product for the following reasons: (1) the biogas is uncompressed (2) stored at low pressure (3) its on top of thousands of liters of water so in case it catches fire it will be turned off rapidly (4) Biogas is a lightweight gas, so in case it leaks it will move upwards pausing no health risk.

  • Do you follow any regulations?
    1. HomeBiogas LTD is ISO 9001 (for quality) and 14001 (for environmental compliance) certified.
    2. HomeBiogas systems are CE and ISO 23590 certified for household biogas systems requirements in terms of design, installation, operation, maintenance, and safety.
    3. HomeBiogas stoves are ISO 19867-1:2018 (Tier rating 5) certified.
    4. HomeBiogas is accredited the European CE certificate for safety.
    5. HomeBiogas is B Corp certified.
  • Will it attract animals?

    Since it does not release smells it won’t attract animals. However, if you think an animal might cause damage to the system, we recommend placing it in a greenhouse or adding fences around the system.

  • Will it leak?

    HomeBiogas system is made from two layers: one to provide strength and the other to prevent leaks!

  • Will HomeBiogas explode?

    Short answer no. Long answer: The biogas that is created in the system is uncompressed and is stored at low pressure which makes it very hard for the biogas to explode. HomeBiogas is also ISO certified.

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