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From clean cooking gas for your family to Bio-fertilizer for your garden, better living starts with organic waste put to good use.

Upcycle food scraps
Create free renewable energy
Generate an abundance of Bio-fertilizer

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Cooking gas

An innovative pressurized storage unit that contains the produced biogas for everyday cooking.


Our systems create organic fertilizer with nutrients and minerals that your garden will love.

Don’t waste waste

Your organic waste is put to amazing use, this system allows you to dispose your organic waste on-site.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By using our systems, you actively mitigating tons of Co2 yearly by upcycling your waste.

How do our Backyard systems work?


Insert food waste

Organic waste is inserted into the digester via the inlet sink.


Anaerobic digester

The system decomposes waste and transforms it into renewable energy.


Clean cooking gas generated daily

The system generates renewable biogas for your cooking needs.


Liquid Bio-fertilizer

The system generates liquid bio-fertilizer with  essential elements for healthy plant growth.


  • Does the system smell?

    Not at all! And if you do, it’s a sign you need to change the filter.

  • Should the fertilizer be diluted?

    Yes! you need to dilute it at a ratio of 1:3, fertilizer to water as it has high concentration of macro and micro nutrients. Have a look at our fertilizer manual for more information.

  • Can I place in a greenhouse?

    You sure can! It should be well ventilated at the top though.

  • Where should I place the system?

    The HomeBiogas system needs to be outside in a place where it can get maximum sunlight. Make sure that the floor is stable and free from any obstructions and that you have a water source nearby.

  • How safe is HomeBiogas?

    HomeBiogas is not only safe, but safer than your portable mini burner as the biogas that is generated is uncompressed, stored at low pressure and sits on top of thousands of liters of water. Additionally, since biogas is a lightweight gas, in case of a leak, it won’t explode or cause any health issue as it will float upwards.

  • Can I compress the biogas? use it for BBQ? Lightning or connect to other appliances?

    Our only recommendation is to use the system with the biogas stove that we provide you with at the time of purchase! This is what we’ve tested and certified for.

  • Should I use on a daily basis?

    You can feed whenever you want, you can miss days. The system is designed to provide biogas only when you feed.

  • Can I leave the system unattended?

    Yes! Our recommendation is to use the biogas before you leave, to make some space for any organic material that didn’t breakdown yet.

  • How does it work?

    HomeBiogas is based on the anaerobic digestion of organic matter. All you have to do is feed the system through the inlet sink with animal manure or food waste and the bacteria will do its magic, break down the organic waste and create biogas. Here’s a video.

  • How can I use the system in winter?

    Feed it less, Half of the amount.

  • What is the right temperature?

    The right temperature depends on the input of the system. Here are the minimum weekly average temperatures that are required for your system depending on the input: (1) food waste: 63F/ 18C (2) Manure: 50F/ 10C

  • Can I use the system in the snow?

    During freezing temperatures, we do not recommend feeding the system at all. In fact, our recommendation in addition to taking a pause in feeding is to drain some of the system’s liquids.

  • How about the sludge that's created at the bottom?

    HomeBiogas is designed in a way that the base of the system is wide and long. So when the sludge is created as a result of the anaerobic digestion, it is in a negligible amount that has no effect on the efficiency of the process and requires no cleaning at all.

  • What are the benefit of probiotics?

    Probiotics are a mix of good bacteria needed for a healthy digestion. It gives a great boost to the system and even prepares it for winter. We recommend using it!

  • Which maintenance does the system require?

    A filter change once in 6 months. And a probiotics tablet once a week (optional but highly recommended).

  • Why do I need a probiotics?

    To enhance system performance and stability.

  • How do I empty the system?

    There is no need to empty it, even after 15 years.

  • What maintenance does it require?

    It requires a filter change every 6 months.

  • How do I clean the system?

    It is not necessary to clean the inside, but you can use water to clean the outside.

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