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Travel the world and spread the word

Yair is traveling with his wife and their two children for a year, starting their journey in Latin America. They landed in Mexico and spent some time there before continuing to Guatemala where they will be be settling for a couple of months, using it as a base to travel to additional destinations where Yair will be meeting with world leaders, policy makers, sustainability ambassadors, customers, distributors and doers from around the world.

Traveling and exploring different cultures and lifestyles is part of Yair’s DNA, in fact it’s part of this company’s DNA because this is exactly how HomeBiogas started. Yair saw the first Biogas system when he was traveling in India, later on he observed another small system in Mexico. Inspired by these encounters, he traveled to other developing nations to learn more. And now, years later- Yair is off again, still observing and learning but this time he is the one bringing the HomeBiogas solution to families, farmers, schools and establishments around the world.

I’m travelling with my family this year in order to connect with other families from various continents, understand their needs and see how HomeBiogas can improve their lives like it did for us.

Guatemala, June 2021

Yair was invited to be the keynote speaker at a conference organized by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture in Guatemala. The conference took place in Jutiapa, a department of Guatemala that borders along El Salvador and the Pacific Ocean, and was attended by heads of villages from the surrounding areas. The main topics that were brought up were the deaths from household cooking smoke, the water pollution problems and the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in those areas. Yair presented the HomeBiogas solution to the conference participants, which offers an easy and sustainable solution to the pressing problems that this region is currently suffering from. This is exactly the kind of impact HomeBiogas is doing in the world, offering practical solution to existing problems, and creating a better future for generations to come. You can read more about our impact here.

Stay tuned for more travel stories!

What is it really like to live off the grid?

When they are not travelling, Yair and his family are living off grid in a Mongolian style yurt with no visible infrastructure around the house. All of their basic needs are actually fulfilled using natural sources of energy. They use solar panels to generate electricity and the HomeBiogas system to treat their sewage and to generate biogas for most of their cooking. Read more about their unique lifestyle.

Who is Yair Teller?

Yair Teller is a visionary and entrepreneur committed to the cause of sustainability, and driven to empower underserved communities throughout the world. He is an internationally recognized authority on domestic biogas systems, and frequently lectures at institutions throughout the world.

Teller has led forefront research developing integrative systems of waste management, anaerobic digestion, and algae production at Ben Gurion University. Teller discovered domestic biogas in India, and went on to conduct field projects constructing systems in Mexico, Kenya, the Palestinian Territories, and Israel.

In 2012, Yair Teller, together with Oshik Efrati and Erez Lanzer, founded HomeBiogas, and began developing the most advanced and affordable small-scale biogas systems. Currently, Yair is the chief Business Officer, leading the Business development and sales. Yair’s leadership has pushed the company to dream big; the Homebiogas vision is to make advanced biogas technology mainstream and accessible to families throughout the world.

In the beginning of 2021 Homebiogas had a successful IPO on the TLV stock exchange (TASE).

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