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High temperatures, dryness and strong insolation – not everyone likes the climate in the Aravah, but our systems definitely do! Our sales manager shares experiences of a joyful shooting day in the Negev Desert of Israel

I’ve sold so many systems to all kinds of customers, but nothing compares to actually seeing it installed and being used in customers’ own environment. One of the most special places I visited lately is the Negev Desert. I love the Aravah region so when I heard that the installation team is on its way towards new customers over there, I decided to make the best out of it and turned it into a shooting day!

I called Tal the photographer and we both joined the installation team. The trip started in a Bedouin village in the Western Negev where the team was setting up a brand-new system. According to the local community members I spoke with, they were all very excited about the possibility of being able to reuse their organic waste and turn it into cooking gas.

From there, we headed to Ein Avdat National Park. Nili and the park rangers there told us that they were thrilled to try out the new system, which they actually purchased using the returns on recycled bottles. They intend to use it for cooking gas for campers and employees but also for the educational value of having a fully sustainable and closed-loop system on-site that visitors can learn about. Now that’s an idea!

We moved on to Hatzeva and met Michal and her young team who run an agricultural farm in order to promote environmental education. I met amazing people there and was really impressed to discover that these youth have such an ecological awareness! Look how satisfied they are to use the bio-fertilizer produced from their own food waste:

On the last and final stop on this amazing trip we visited Simcha, a real permaculturist and a local resident of Ir Ovot that owns three Homebiogas systems. Simcha created a magical green oasis in a community of 8 families – that’s all! He gave me a tour of his beautiful garden and showed me how his family is able to live a sustainable, off-grid lifestyle thank to our systems. His passion about it was so catching!

Tagging along with the installation team to see how different people are using HomeBioGas systems was truly inspiring. It made me realize that the system not only serves immediate needs, such as heat, cooking and fertilizing plants – it naturally teaches people how to adopt sustainable livelihood by making the most of the resources we have. This was definitely worth shooting!

* Ohad Gamliel is a Sales Manager in HomeBiogas

* Photographer: Tal Alkalay

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