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We Empower People

Promoting sustainability, improving lives, and creating a positive impact

HomeBiogas is a world leader in developing groundbreaking, simple to use biogas systems. We’re enabling people and businesses around the globe to turn their own organic waste into self-made clean energy, on-site. HomeBiogas is serving thousands of households, farmers, businesses, underserved communities, and those seeking a more sustainable way of living with over 10,000 biogas systems in over 100 countries around the world. Our prefabricated, fully off-grid, patent-based systems offer modular options to suit each of our customer‘s needs, empowering them to live a healthier, more efficient, self-resilient and sustainable life. Our vision is to promote sustainability, improve lives, and create a positive impact on the environment by harnessing our expertise in waste treatment and biogas systems.



We Empower People

Our mission is to empower people and businesses to be change agents for the betterment of themselves, society, and the environment, by developing innovative, easy-to-use, practical, useful, and accessible biogas systems.


Happy customers around the world

We are doers by nature

Understanding the current issues impacting the environment and people around the world is not enough. The only way we believe change can happen is to take responsibility ourselves and actively change our way of life and the status quo!

Employees at HomeBiogas share the same set of values that support this belief and it is the basis of everything we do. After all, we are in this together and we rely on nature as much as nature relies on us!

The first years..

After analyzing and testing existing biodigester designs, the limitations and great opportunities became clear.  Our founders were determined to modernize the technology to be easy to install and accessible to all. The initial prototype was piloted in 2014 and in 2016, the first generation became commercially available. After further research and fine-tuning, we arrived at our most advanced model, in 3 sizes — the HomeBiogas 2, 4, and 7CM!

Our founders story

HomeBiogas family

The HomeBiogas story begins with 3 long-time friends and a mission to make free, renewable energy available to everyone in the world. Their journey spans 10+ years, several continents and countless hours of R&D. The driving force behind them is the goal to develop a product that benefits the environment and helps people transform their lives and improve their health by shifting to clean renewable energy. These beliefs translate to their growing team and a strong company culture that values the environment. They often take frequent trips together to appreciate nature and be reminded of what they are working toward protecting.

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