Clean energy

is the future.
Organic food waste
is the fuel.

A more sustainable planet starts with what you do in your own backyard.
At HomeBiogas, we’ve created advanced systems to help.
From a bio-digester that transforms food scraps, to bio-toilets that are friendlier to the planet – the various benefits to your household are clear.

Making Waste Matter
Has never been so easy

We Offer Diverse
Waste Management Solutions

Bio-toilets that raise the bar

We set out to create a hassle-free and sustainable bathroom experience, while also providing clean energy for off-gridders and urban homeowners alike. The result is an eco-friendly Bio-toilet kit that blows every other toilet out of the water.


One home’s trash is another home’s treasure.

Turn your food scraps into clean cooking gas for your family and Bio-fertilizer for your garden. Greener living starts with up-cycling your organics.


Richer soil. Healthier plants. Stronger farms.

We partner with NGOs and social-minded organizations all over the world on projects that empower local farmers and increase farm resilience. Farms worldwide use our biogas systems to transform organic waste into bio-fertilizer that promotes soil health.


Together, we’re making a difference.

Off-grid living

Efficient and Sustainable Sanitation

Our clients are thrilled with the efficient and sustainable solution provided by the modern HomeBiogas Bio-toilets in each beachfront dome.. Being without a sewage system, HomeBiogas proved to be an invaluable asset!

Aimee and John Eric, Puerto Rico
Chris and Jenna
Off-grid living

Sustainable living made easy

We didn’t want a compost toilet as it is not very user-friendly, and we didn’t want a septic tank as it is expensive, with the HomeBiogas Bio-toilet, we can be off-grid and still have a pretty and comfortable set-up.

Chris and Jenna Pelayo, South Carolina, USA

Modern Comfort with Minimal Impact

HomeBiogas allows me to have modern flushing toilets at each yurt and the bonus is that  it cancels the footprint of my guests driving to our beautiful Eco Village in the desert.

Erin Stevenson, California, USA
Off Grid Living
Tiny House

A Huge Impact For Tiny Houses

This system is incredible! It effortlessly converts waste to free cooking gas. It’s worth it, considering the high fuel expenses people face today.

John and Fin Kernohan, Georgia, US
Self-Sufficient lifestyle

Closing the Loop: A Sustainable Food Cycle

I love how my HomeBiogas system enables self-sufficiency in my food cycle. Fertilizing plants, cooking with clean gas, and recycling leftovers complete our sustainable cycle.

Rachel Lowe, Victoria, Australia
Off-grid living

Fueling Off-Grid Dreams

The HomeBiogas Bio-toilet has allowed us to live our off-grid dreams, fueling not just our cooking but also nurturing our land to revive the desert ecosystem.

Whitney and Trent, Joshua Tree, California

Leading the Way in Organic Coffee Farming

We are hopeful that by integrating bio-fertilizer into our practices, we will help pave the way for other coffee producers to grow organic coffee.

Wilford Lamastus, Panama

Accelerating sustainable change.

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Tons of CO2 emissions mitigated

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Trees saved

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Hours of cooking on clean energy

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Tons of organic scraps upcycled

Put your waste to good use.
Find the product that fits your needs.

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