HomeBiogas is a Certified B Corporation!


Fostering Social and Environmental Impact

HomeBiogas is proud to annnounce its B Corporation™ certification, reaffirming its dedication to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. As a B Corp, HomeBiogas will continue developing innovative solutions that reduce environmental footprints and improve quality of life. 

HomeBiogas has met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. By becoming a B Corp, HomeBiogas joins a global network of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact, committed to using their operations as a force for good® for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. HomeBiogas has always prioritized sustainability by developing affordable and accessible biogas systems for residential and commercial use. 

“We are thrilled to announce that HomeBiogas is now a Certified B Corporation™,” said Oshik Efrati, CEO of HomeBiogas. “The transition to a B Corp signifies HomeBiogas’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By embracing this movement, we collaborate with B Corps, stakeholders, and customers to drive positive change. By joining the B Corp community, we align ourselves with businesses driving change towards a more sustainable world.”

From Waste to Energy: Sustainable Highlights

HomeBiogas’s 2022 impact report highlights its contributions to sustainability and social progress, including contribution to 13 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, systems that are designed for a circular economy while the systems themselves are made out of 100% recyclable materials and the products’ shelf life is 15 years. Food waste goes into the system to create energy which can cook food with cooking gas or grow food with bio-fertilizer. In 2022 alone HomeBiogas upcycled 6,812 tons of food into 26,265,765 hours of cooking with clean energy while mitigating 124,591 tons of CO2-eq. 196,547 trees were saved and 134,422 m³ liters of water conserved as HomeBiogas’ Bio-Toilet saves over 80% of water with every flush compared to a regular toilet. In addition, 600+ systems were installed in schools and communities around the world to educate the future generation on a world without waste and renewable energy.

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