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HomeBiogas: Invest in the Future of Sustainability

HomeBiogas develops, produces and markets biogas systems for the private and institutional market and is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange at NIS. 200m. The company turns organic waste into renewable energy based on cumulative knowledge about air pollution, climate crises, and our obligation to reduce polluting energies as much as we can. HomeBiogas Commercial systems are already deployed in various locations in Israel and aim to prove economic and environmental feasibility as a benefit and preference over transporting to landfills, a process that drives greenhouse emissions. Simultaneously, the HomeBiogas system saves on waste evacuation costs and produces biogas, a renewable energy which can be redirected to heating water.

In the Tel Aviv companies project interview, Oshik Efrati, CEO, explains the system’s advantages and shares his vision for the company’s next steps.

Learn more about HomeBiogas Investor Relations.

The article and the clip were originally published in Hebrew in February 2022 on the Bizportal platform as part of the “The Companies of Tel Aviv series”

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