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Homebiogas Announces Selling Carbon Credits Through SKOOT An Award-Winning Climate Change Platform


Accelerating Climate Action

Tel Aviv, August 10, 2023 – HomeBiogas (TLV:HMGS), the company is developing biogas systems enabling households and businesses to convert their organic waste into clean energy on-site, announces today they will be selling carbon credits to SKOOT, an award-winning climate change platform helping businesses, individuals and communities reduce their carbon footprint to achieve net-zero, based on carbon reduction stemming from HomeBiogas systems installed in Kenya. Both HomeBiogas and SKOOT hold B Corp certifications, underscoring their shared commitment to sustainable practices

HomeBiogas develops biogas systems enabling households, businesses, farms, schools, and more to convert their organic waste into clean energy for cooking or heating, on-site. HomeBiogas uses anaerobic digestion to convert these organic materials into energy for cooking or hot water and into organic bio-fertilizer. In addition, HomeBiogas reduces the costs and emissions associated with sending food waste to landfills. In 2022 alone, HomeBiogas mitigated 124,591 of CO2-eq.

Empowering Kenyan Farmers with Renewable Energy

In Kenya, HomeBiogas systems are used by small-scale dairy farms: the farmers feed the HomeBiogas system cow manure which is converted into clean energy and bio-fertilizer. The Kenyan farmers have replaced the cooking on firewood and the use of charcoal thanks to the biogas produced from the system. Hence, the systems have reduced exposure of women and children to harmful cooking smoke, allowed the growth of healthy crops and soil, minimized their usage of chemical fertilizers, cut reliance on fossil fuels for cooking, prevented harmful methane from reaching the atmosphere and decreased deforestation. HomeBiogas will use the generated revenue from the carbon credits to make the HomeBiogas systems affordable and available to more farmers in Kenya.

HomeBiogas and SKOOT Join Forces Against Climate Change

“I’m excited to collaborate with SKOOT in the fight against global warming while making a meaningful social impact” says Oshik Efrati, HomeBiogas’ CEO. “The sale of carbon credits is a significant contribution to Homebiogas business model for the coming years which will enable us to accelerate growth and to reach a larger scale of underserved communities in a shorter period. I believe that developing and implementing innovative technologies, together with adopting carbon-based funding solutions, will lead humanity to succeed in facing the climate challenge”.

Greg Gormley, SKOOT Eco Group’s CEO said “We are really excited to be supporting this amazing initiative and helping reduce the use of wood and charcoal for cooking, which must be a very unpleasant experience. Naturally reducing the need for wood helps prevent deforestation in local areas, all with the added benefit of organic fertilizer being produced, helping the land regenerate. We look forward to partnering with HomeBiogas for many years to come” 

About HomeBiogas

HomeBiogas, a certified B Corp, develops biogas systems for home and commercial use, offering a solution for waste management while creating renewable energy. HomeBiogas systems convert organic waste into clean energy for cooking or heating water using anaerobic digestion where the organic material decomposes and turns into biogas and biofertilizer, lowering operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The company has sold systems in over 100 countries around the world.


SKOOT is a pioneering Top 5% B Corp climate change platform that empowers businesses, individuals, and communities to take more responsibility for their carbon emissions and race to net-zero through frictionless technology-based solutions. Through its Eco-Contribution solution and seamless integration with leading POS systems, SKOOT is one of the leading sustainability champions in the hospitality sector. At the heart of SKOOT’s mission is a commitment to responsible tree planting, tree conservation, and its wider SDG based-benefits in partnership with its core partners and NGO’s such as Eden Reforestation and Plastic Bank, SKOOT uses its technology systems to help knit together businesses both with their communities and its own sustainability ecosystem to create a positive impact on the planet.

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