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10 companies at the forefront of climate innovation

10 companies were chosen to represent Israel in the United Nations COP27 Climate Change Conference in November. The delegation was announced at the PLANETech World 2022 conference , the first global climate tech conference held in Israel. COP27 is the world’s primary forum for governments, businesses and environmental organisations to tackle the climate emergency, and HomeBiogas is honoured to be part of the solution.

The Israeli Delegation – credit : yael Ilan

The startups chosen to be part of the Israeli Delegation at COP27 alongside HomeBiogas are:

The Technology Boulevard at COP27

The chosen companies will display their products at the Israeli booth during the open event at COP27, this will be the first time that Israel will host a pavilion at the UN climate conference. The space will feature a “technology boulevard,” spotlighting the 10 companies. The pavilion, funded by eight ministries, will be inaugurated on November 7 in the conference’s innovation zone.

PLANETech director Uriel Klar : “The delegation that we are sending is at the forefront of Israeli innovation and breakthroughs when tackling the climate crisis. We believe that we will be able to present effective, real solutions before the companies attending the UN conference and, in doing so, bring a halt to the dangers threatening humanity.”

The HomeBiogas team at the PLANETech World 2022 conference

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