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Meet Whitney and Trent!

What can we say, Whitney and Trent are really cool! She goes by ‘Whitney Wildflower’ and is dedicated to helping save the desert ecosystem through land conservation with the Mojave Desert Land Trust and Desert Tortoise Preservation. Whitney manages the couple’s social media pages, inspiring what she likes to call ‘verse influencing.’ Trent is a mechanical design engineer, something that has come in handy as they have embarked on this latest chapter in their lives.  

What’s the latest chapter? Living in Joshua Tree, California, right outside of Joshua Tree National Park, where they’ve built their own yurt and now maintain a sustainable, off-grid lifestyle. In just one year, Whitney and Trent built a 705-square-foot yurt on 2.3 acres of land. 

Meet Whitney and Trent!

Journey to Yurt Life

Whitney and Trent relocated to California for Trent’s job as a mechanical engineer. Once the pandemic began, Trent’s company allowed their employees to work remotely. The couple used that as an opportunity to start traveling around the state, exploring the beautiful national parks, all while Trent continued to work a full time job. They were several months into their trip when they realized that they didn’t want to go back to the daily grind.  They decided to create a new life for themselves living in a yurt in Joshua Tree. 

With Whitney’s passion for nature and teaching others how they can live in harmony with Mother Nature, their journey was a difficult yet meaningful one.  Whitney and Trent bought a 2.3 acre plot of land in Joshua Tree and spent three months designing and planning their next steps for it.  From there, they drove 14 hours to pick up the parts for their yurt from a supplier in Oregon, put the structure together over the course of three weeks and then spent a year renovating the yurt into a home with a living space, kitchen and HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet.  

Off-the-grid dreams with HomeBiogas

Whitney explained that while they only recently got their HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet, they had planned on using the system from the beginning of the yurt build.  Their main goal in embarking on this lifestyle for themselves was to reduce their carbon footprint, so HomeBiogas was a natural choice for them. Whitney shared that they use their HomeBiogas to live their off-grid dreams. 

HomeBiogas has changed our lives and I hope more people will see the benefits of switching and helping our planet while we still can.

The HomeBiogas system is a solution for three vital things for Whitney and Trent: it serves as an off-grid toilet, provides cooking fuel and Bio-fertilizer.  The HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet Kit allows the couple to hygienically (no touching any human waste!) and without any odor convert their waste into cooking gas.  Whitney and Trent say that the HomeBiogas system lets them live their off- grid dreams, by not only assisting with cooking but also helping them fertilize their land to bring back the desert ecosystem.

As always, we were thrilled to hear her say that, “the team was absolutely amazing at answering questions and delivery was really fast. I was very impressed.” Thanks for making us smile @Whitney Wildflower!

I would absolutely recommend Homebiogas to anyone and I hope I see them in more homes across America in the future.

Whether you live in a yurt like Whitney and Trent, or any home with an outdoor space, a HomeBiogas system is an accessible and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint and create clean energy for yourself.  See which HomeBiogas system best fits your lifestyle!

You can follow Whitney and Trent’s sustainable life on instagram and TikTok and checkout their YouTube channel.

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