Fighting Climate Change from Your Backyard with HomeBiogas


We all know that the Earth’s climate is changing, that it’s having terrible effects on every natural system, and that humanity’s actions have caused it. We also know that unless we drastically change the way we live, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere, it’s only going to get worse. Many habitats will be destroyed, sea levels will rise, the land where millions of people live will vanish and growing food will become more difficult, to name just a few apocalyptic, but probable, results.

Organic Waste and Climate Change

A major source of GHG emission is organic waste. When it decomposes it releases a combination of gases, mostly CO2 and Methane (CH4), which is 28-36 times more potent than CO2 in creating the greenhouse effect and changing the world’s climate. In 2015, homes and businesses in the US produced almost 40 million tons of food waste. Most of it ended up in landfills, where it was responsible for 14% of all human emissions of Methane in the US, about 90 million tons. This means that each American’s organic waste is responsible on average for about a third of a ton of Methane a year. Think of how much gas it takes to make up a ton and you’ll start to realize what these numbers mean.

Prevent Harmful Methane Emission- and Save Money!

This all might sound very grand and out of our hands, but the truth is, it’s not. The choices we, and millions of others like us, make every day, directly affect the future of our world. If you want to make a serious dent in the Methane emission you’re responsible for, you should seriously consider the HomeBiogas system solution. It’s the size of a small camping tent, it goes in your backyard and you put your organic home waste into it. Using natural processes it turns this waste into useable cooking gas that comes out the other end. That simple. This way, you use the potent Methane gas the waste creates for cooking. Burning it has a much smaller effect on the atmosphere than releasing it. Shortly after the purchase of the system it will cover its cost and will start saving you money you would have spent on cooking gas. You’ll essentially be getting free energy! Another great by product of the system is rich fertilizer. So you never have to buy or carry fertilizer again!

Less than 2 years ROI

Space Is Also a Rare Resource

When waste is sent to landfills, it’s easy for us to not think about it anymore, it just “goes away”. But the truth is there is no real “away”. Every ton of waste that does not get reused, recycled or combusted into energy, which in the US is about 75% of food waste, goes to a landfill. However, with waste amounts continuing to grow, landfills are filling up and there is a constant need for new ones. But when looking for a place to build new landfills, cities face two main problems. One is NIMBY, the classic case where everyone wants something to be built, just “Not In My Back Yard”. The second one is, that landfills need to be close to urban centers where most of the waste is produced, to avoid costly and polluting waste trucks trips. The closer you get to urban centers, the more scarce and the more expensive land becomes. Eliminating a substantial amount of waste by using HomeBiogas’s system reduces the need for more landfill space, and the trips to get there.

Doing the right thing is easier than you think

Finally, we all try to do what’s right for the environment, and moreover, be good citizens, good neighbors, and good role models for our kids, partly by teaching them to be responsible in their choices. Sometimes it’s not easy. It’s easier to use disposable plastic plates when you go on a family picnic than multi-use ones; it’s harder to carpool to work instead of relying on your own car; it’s hard to cut-down on meat consumption or AC use in order to reduce your GHG emissions. But the HomeBiogas system offers an easy way to do the environmentally-smart thing. It’s easy to set up, easy to operate, and the rewards, such as free cooking gas, are immediate. It can even be a teaching tool in your own backyard, for your kids, and the neighbors, on how to do your share in combating the biggest crisis of our time and making the future a better one.

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