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HomeBiogas and the Adani Foundation have successfully implemented 125 systems in Mundra, Gujarat India, where hundreds of families now have access to healthy and clean energy, which is converted into cooking gas and bio-fertilizer.

This project directly impacts women’s empowerment and gender equality in these communities, as local women now feel safer and healthier as they are able to cook without smoke, with the added benefit of replacing time previously spent collecting firewood with activities that promote self development. 

Local farmers now have the practical tools they need to run more sustainable agricultural operations, which involves a shift to organic farming where liquid bio-fertilizer replaces the usage of chemicals. On top of those benefits, the HomeBiogas systems have also decreased the farmers’ spending on fertilizer, firewood and LPG, resulting in valuable savings that are invested in their businesses and used for educational purposes.

Pankty Shah, Head of CSR unit, Adani Foundation:  “The goal of the project was to improve the health of women in rural India, to encourage local farmers to shift to organic farming, and to reduce the usage of chemical pesticides & fertilizers in farming, so that people will grow and consume healthier food. The impact of HomeBiogas is far greater than what we considered.”


This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project is funded by the Adani Foundation, which invests about 2% of their total profits in various CSR initiatives. Their projects directly impact the lives of rural communities and align with the Global Sustainable Development Goals. The Adani Foundation initiatives aim to engage local communities in rural India by promoting a healthy society and supporting sustainable infrastructure development.

Oshik Efrati, CEO of HomeBiogas: “This project with the Adani Foundation not only promotes sustainable development but also drastically improves livelihoods and advances women’s empowerment across rural areas. As a result, these CSR initiatives benefit the local communities and the environment while helping corporations meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I would like to congratulate the Adani Foundation for their contribution to the well being of these communities. It is inspiring to see how successful business like Adani can create a positive impact.”

Based on surveys conducted across the region, the project received a very high satisfaction rate among the families,  with local farmers expressing a desire for additional HomeBiogas systems and similar initiatives in the area.

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