HomeBiogas Attends the UN Technology Fair



Yair, HomeBiogas’ co-founder and chief scientist, and Alon, HomeBiogas’ customer experience manager, recently received the great honor and pleasure of representing HomeBiogas at the third edition of the United Nations Technology Fair in Valencia, Spain. Each country was asked to invite three of their most innovative technology companies. HomeBiogas was selected by the UN Procurement Division and then personally invited by the Israeli Prime Minister. The intent of the fair was to introduce the UN to the best of sustainable technologies that the world has to offer so that they can incorporate them into their future projects. The United Nations is essential in carrying out global peacekeeping and security missions.

The UN is specifically interested in using HomeBiogas in refugee camps where hundreds, or even thousands, of people live for what could become years. For rapid deployment projects, the UN needs something which can be easily and quickly installed and transported between sites. The HomeBiogas 2.0, which comes in a compact package and takes about 2 hours to install, offers an amazing solution to waste and energy infrastructure needs. What will likely start as a small project has the potential to turn into larger ones that can make an even greater impact in the communities that need it. This would not be HomeBiogas’ first time lending a helping hand.

Yair and Alon of course brought along with them the HomeBiogas 2.0, the latest version of their backyard biogas appliance which is up to twice as efficient as its predecessor and a fraction of the cost. They claim that their booth was one of the busiest, even being visited by government officials from Yemen, Sudan, and Mali. HomeBiogas fell under the waste and water treatment category but their booth stood alongside companies from every field – cyber security, drones and helicopters, satellite technology, and water purification.

When asked how they liked spending time in Valencia, they responded with stories of only great memories.

“We were three hours south of Barcelona, right on beach, in the third-largest city in Spain! You know they’re famous for their paellas? Wow, we had as many as we could. We probably ate paella four times a day with wine and sangria. The restaurants were great and the people were so friendly. I think I really improved my Spanish because I spoke it all day! Oh, and did I mention we ate at the same restaurant as Ernest Hemingway?” – Alon Civier

Attending the United Nations Technology Fair was a great reward and achievement for the entire HomeBiogas team who hopes to move forward with initiating their work together. But the team is also focused on their Kickstarter campaign, which launched November 1st, in order to raise enough money to jump-start the production line for the HomeBiogas 2.0 and make delivering their system around the world more than a possibility. In addition, their campaign doubles as a platform for local organizations to collect donations for Puerto Rico and Kenya so that they can provide clean energy to the families who need it. All in all, the future looks bright for this exceptional company and for the people whose lives they will touch.

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