HomeBiogas featured in Eco Living Magazine


“HomeBiogas is perfect for off-grid living”

Annett and Paul live in Byron Bay, Australia and are passionate about minimising their impact on the planet. With an abundance of solar energy available to them in Australia, Annett and Paul thought it was a shame not to make the most of the resource. In the right climate, they believe that living off solar power is achievable and fairly simple.

The HomeBiogas system is perfect for off-grid living such as that of Annett and Paul, as the system serves three purposes for them and in doing so, allows them to close the loop. Firstly, they use the system to dispose of their toilet waste. Second, it provides them with cooking gas. Finally, they receive liquid fertiliser for their garden. Annett and Paul said: “We’re especially stoked about using the biogas system for our toilet waste because it closes the loop and it’s a very easy, quick and clean way of getting rid of our waste. As a bonus, we get cooking gas. How amazing! Our cat contributes, too!”

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