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How is HomeBiogas Different from Composting?


How is HomeBiogas Different from Composting?

Harnesses Gas for Renewable Energy in Your Home

Some have referred to HomeBiogas as a “super composter” because it does what compost piles and bins can do… and much more. Not only does it break down food, but it also captures the methane gas which is released from this process and makes it available for you to cook within your home! This means that you are reducing waste and creating renewable energy for your home—double score!

Liquid Fertilizer

Cooking gas is just one of HomeBiogas’ byproducts. It also creates a rich, liquid fertilizer. The fertilizer is neatly and easily collected from the backside of the appliance with no work involved! The application of the liquid fertilizer allows it to be quickly and easily absorbed by plants. Oh, and you can produce liters of this liquid magic per day!

HomeBiogas is Simple, Composting is Challenging

The microbes do most of the dirty work, but they won’t do it all! Maintaining a compost pile take time, energy, and knowledge– and it is your job. A standard compost heap should be turned frequently so that the waste breaks down properly. Manually turning or aerating your compost pile can be time-consuming and physically taxing.

Aside from the physical labor, it also requires a good amount of experience and knowledge of chemistry and biology. On the other hand, HomeBiogas was designed to be extremely user-friendly. Anyone can use HomeBiogas, even children! All you have to do is insert your organic waste and HomeBiogas does the rest.

Every Day Results

HomeBiogas also surpasses composting in that it instantly produces fertilizer and continuously supplies gas from broken-down matter (while it can take weeks to see results from composting) and it can do so with any type of kitchen waste! You cannot usually compost meats, dairy, or oils, amongst other things, because they do not easily break down and can attract vermin and flies. But with HomeBiogas, you can chuck in all of these plus animal manure without worrying about any types of odors or pests, thanks to HomeBiogas’ filters and closed system design.

When the two methods are compared side by side, it is easy to see that HomeBiogas takes home the trophy:

Make the most of your time and your waste! Take a closer look at HomeBiogas here!

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