Brrring on the cold: Introducing the Booster Kit


Biogas production in colder climates

All around the world, from Australia to Zambia, people are using the HomeBiogas system to turn their domestic waste into rich Bio-fertilizer and clean cooking gas. This is no longer just a trend for those living off the grid. People who care about the planet and their environment understand that we all have a responsibility – and today, there is much we can do.

The issue is, that one of the most critical parameters for biogas production is temperature. While we get hungrier and eat more as the weather cools, the bacteria in the biodigester are less active and hungry as the weather cools, so they digest less food waste, and as such create less gas. This could be a problem because that’s exactly when we want to cook more on the stove. So, what can you do when the seasons change, and the colder temperatures start to impact the efficacy of your HomeBiogas system?

Top tips for biogas production in the cooler weather

While it’s true that our system works best in average temperatures of 18°C/ 65 °F, we do have a few stubborn customers who have found a way around the eating habits of bacteria. Here’s what they suggest:

1. Drop a probiotic tablet into the digester every day. This can help stabilize the system and improve the efficiency of the digestion process, until the weather warms up again.

2. Place the system in a ventilated greenhouse that has an ambient temperature of 20°C/ 68°F. This will help to maintain a heat level at which bacteria are happy and comfortable, and as such more active. And there’s the bonus of protecting your system from the rain and wind.

Because everyone needs a boost when the temperatures drop

Now,  here at HomeBiogas we are friends of the environment – and of the bacteria – and so we have developed an exciting new solution tailored to the specifications of the HomeBiogas system.  Our Booster Kit optimizes performance even in colder temperatures, to maximize biogas production all year round.  In layman’s terms, we’ve added a blanket, a cover and a heater to the system so the bacteria are nice and warm, and happy to do their thing.

Enjoy Year-Round Biogas Production with the HomeBiogas Booster Kit

Here’s how it works:

Made from lightweight, durable materials, the energy-efficient kit stabilizes the system’s temperature at the optimal level, creating a more resilient, productive, and durable environment – even in colder temperatures. The Booster Kit is made up of: a ground cover that prevents plant growth around the system; an additional layer of ground insulation that prevents heat loss through the ground; a thermo shield that acts as a barrier between your HomeBiogas and the environment; a thermo regulator – with an energy-efficient thermostat and self-regulating heating cable – that maintains optimal temperatures at all times; and a rugged electric control box, with heat status indicator lights so you can check how your system is performing at any given time.

Maintaining proper air circulation and preventing overheating, the Booster Kit not only makes sure your bacteria are happy and at peak performance all year round; it also provides protection from UV rays and extends the overall lifespan of your system.

Join HomeBiogas for Tastier, Greener Cooking with Clean Energy

So, wherever you are in the world, on or off the grid, living in hot or cold temperatures – join our community, get friendly with bacteria and enjoy cooking on your very own biogas cooktop – we can’t promise, but we believe the food tastes better

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