Luna Lodge: The Sustainable Eco-Resort Powered by HomeBiogas


Osa Peninsula: one of the most biodiverse places on earth

Lana Wedmore is passionate about helping save Mother Earth. She lives in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, where she operates Luna Lodge, an eco-resort that touches the gorgeous Corcovado National Park.  Lana is also the founder of the ‘White Hawk Foundation,’ which strives to protect the rainforest. She is a certified yoga teacher and has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 34 years. On top of that, Lana is a Shamanic Reiki Master as well as a Forest Bathing Guide. She feels that healing herself and helping other people heal is her life’s calling. She is passionate about life and is ready and willing to help promote sustainable living in the world. 

Luna Lodge: Where Nature and Hospitality Meet

Lana feels unbelievably blessed to live and work in one of the most biodiverse places left on this planet. The Osa Peninsula, located on Costa Rica’s southern pacific coast, is home to 2.5 percent of the biodiversity of the entire world, while covering less than a thousandth of a percent of its total surface area.  Recognizing the rarity of the rich biological diversity of where she lives, Lana says that she built Luna Lodge so that people from all around the world could enjoy it too.  Luna Lodge is surrounded by 360 degrees of nature and aims to exist harmoniously with its surroundings.  “I feel so blessed to be able to live and work here,” Lana shares, saying that Mother Earth is the best medicine. 


Grateful to be living her life as she does, surrounded by nature, Lana wrote ‘Married to Paradise,’ a book about her life and her journey building Luna Lodge. 

Throughout the 22 years that Lana has run her eco-resort, she has always had a garden, explaining that growing her own food is a must in her life.  Today, with 3 regenerative gardens at varying altitudes on her property, there is enough food supply for herself, her employees and her guests. 

Living in harmony with HomeBiogas 

One of Lana’s goals in operating Luna Lodge is to educate guests and employees about sustainability and protecting the Osa Peninsula.  She says that one of the key elements in making the lodge sustainable is their use of the HomeBiogas 6 system, which manages up to  4.5 gallons of daily waste and generates up to 6 hours of daily cooking gas. At Luna Lodge, the process of upcycling their waste enriches the land around them and allows them to rely less on using biomass for cooking. 

Lana was first introduced to HomeBiogas through a good friend.  As always, we were thrilled to hear that Lana has had a very positive experience working with the whole team at HomeBiogas. She highlighted how easy it was to get the HomeBiogas system running quickly. 

We upcycle our food waste, we use the gas to cook meals for the employees and we use the Bio-fertilizer every day in our gardens. It’s a win, win, win situation!

She explained the process of how they use the system at Luna Lodge starting with the food waste from guests who dine at the lodge restaurant.  From there the waste is brought to the HomeBiogas system which is located near employee housing.  They feed the waste into the system and then use the gas to cook for the employees.  Finally, they use the fertilizer in their gardens.  

Through the tours she offers to guests, Lana personally showcases the benefits of sustainability and the importance of using waste in a productive way so places like the Osa Peninsula can continue to be protected and thrive.  She shows off her HomeBiogas system so they can understand the process of sustainable living and Lana shared that “they love it!” 

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