HomeBiogas’ Biofertilizer Granted Official Organic Authorization From Ecuadorian Government


An Organic Transition 

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic , there has been an interesting shift among some consumers in Ecuador. With more and more Ecuadorians prioritizing health and immunity, there has been an increase in demand for organic produce. This translates into a greater need for organic fertilizer for farmers. 

The issue with growing organic produce in Ecuador is that almost all of the commercial fertilizer is imported and makes growing organic produce an incredibly expensive venture. By the time these organic items reach the consumer, they are outrageously priced in comparison to their chemically fertilized counterparts, with 400 grams of organic tomatoes being reportedly priced at five dollars, in comparison to chemically grown tomatoes which can sell for 1.50 dollars for the same amount. 

Given the price difference, it’s no surprise that the ninety percent of Ecuadorian farmers that use fertilizer, choose to use a chemical one. Even though it is cheaper than organic fertilizer, the cost of chemical fertilizer is also rising. With Russia producing 30% of all fertilizers in LATAM, prices are skyrocketing at the moment with a  350 % increase in Colombia and 300% increase in Ecuador.

Whether using chemical or organic, as the cost of fertilizer from abroad continues to increase, Ecuadorian farmers are in need of an alternate, and more affordable option. 

Wannu Allpa – Very Good Soil

If farmers could access organic fertilizer produced locally, it would replace both organic and chemical fertilizer that is imported and Ecuadorian shoppers would be able to buy their highly sought after organic produce at a fair cost.

With that goal in mind, Inventagri, HomeBiogas’ Ecuadorian distributor, installed the first HomeBiogas systems in their office and bought land to immediately start testing fertilizer in the field. After only twenty days, the plants being fed organic fertilizer were growing beautifully! This encouraged the Inventagri team to learn more about the fertilizer, which led them to a partnership with a local university in which they ran multiple and varied tests over the course of a year with the end goal being to receive organic certification of HomeBiogas fertilizer from Agrocalidad (The Agency for Regulation and Control Fito and Zoosanitary).

Wannu Allpa – Very Good Soil

In the tests, four HomeBiogas biodigesters were used. They were different models and sizes, installed in several climatic zones and varied in how they were fed. The samples collected were sent along with laboratory tests to Agrocalidad laboratory.

Inventagri obtained their registration from Agrocalidad for the country of Ecuador as an exporter of organic fertilizer and confirmation that it has a carbon neutral footprint. Registered for export and ready to go, Inventagri needed to choose a suitable name for the product.  They chose ‘Wannu Allpa,’ a very fitting Kichwa name which means ‘fertile land’ or ‘very good soil.’ 

Award Winning Fertilizer 

On top of their organic certification, Inventagri is also the proud  recipient of the Sustainable Quito award, a country wide award that promotes environmental activities in companies and schools.  Sustainable Quito takes a holistic look at a company and what it is doing to promote sustainability and combat climate change.  When they found out how Inventagri was managing their waste and minimizing their carbon footprint with the help of HomeBiogas, Sustainable Quito voted Inventagri the winners in both 2021 and 2022 out of more than five hundred applicants.

Inventagri winning the Sustainable Quito Award

Paving the Way for Organic Farming

The organic registration of HomeBiogas fertilizer means that anyone who owns a HomeBiogas system is now eligible to receive organic certification by submitting soil samples, without having to go through the long testing and certification process.  

In the past, people in Ecuador were hesitant to use fertilizer from other biodigesters. Thanks to HomeBiogas’ organic certification, along with the Sustainable Quito award, farmers feel confident in the product. The certification and award also show that by using innovative solutions like HomeBiogas, it is possible to be environmentally friendly and make profit with waste!

HomeBiogas and Inventagri in Ecuador

Ready to Grow Organic?

HomeBiogas systems produce organic fertilizer while simultaneously processing waste and converting it into clean energy for cooking. Pretty cool, right?! They come in a variety of sizes, to fit a variety of lifestyles (and spaces ). Check out our selection of products to see which HomeBiogas system is right for you!

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