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HomeBiogas is always ready and excited to collaborate with and support entrepreneurs that, like us, are driven by their passion to make a positive change in their community and the rest of the world. That is why we created the opportunity for individuals and businesses to become HomeBiogas resellers. Resellers work closely with the HomeBiogas staff to get their business running and well on their way to making a change, and some pocket change. It’s an easy thing to do with a product that practically sells itself by being beneficial in so many ways. It’s great for the environment, great for the customer, and it pays for itself in savings over just a few short years.

With the recent launch of the HomeBiogas 2.0, we saw a surge in interested HomeBiogas resellers, so we decided to offer them a free, 3-day workshop at the company headquarters. Its purpose was to not only share valuable marketing and technical expertise, but to create a sense of unity among the resellers and assure them that the HomeBiogas staff will always be there to answer questions, offer suggestions, and share ideas.

The event took place between March 13th and 15th and it was a HUGE success! We had people travel from all over the world to join us at our offices and we shared an amazing and impactful experience with them all. The learning was most definitely not one-sided.

DAY 1: Welcome Aboard

We welcomed our new colleagues in the best way we knew how: with a delicious homemade meal cooked on biogas. We followed with introductions, including a sincere thank you from our founders, and then a tour of our facilities. Visitors were able to see our in-house seamstresses working by hand on the systems, our collaboration with the students from the local school, the laboratory where we run tests, and our new biogas toilet. When asked about her first impression of the HomeBiogas office and staff, Tracy from the United States responded,

“LOVED everybody! It’s refreshing to see people so passionate about their work! It’s like their job is not even a job, just something they love to do and want to do to make the world a better place. It is so evident that they are all in it for the right reasons – to make a difference, not just a buck.”

“The warm personalities of the HomeBiogas team also made for a very relaxed atmosphere where people were eager to participate, comfortable asking questions, and willing to share experiences. I really appreciated HomeBiogas offering this event because it showed transparency of the company, not something often seen.”  – Ashton, an American participant

We ended the day with a family-style dinner set to the tune of Yair’s famous story about how his idea and vision for HomeBiogas came about after years of traveling the world.

DAY 2: Time To Get Our Hands Dirty!

After a briefing on the fascinating science behind the process of anaerobic digestionthat powers HomeBiogas, it was time to walk the walk. Attendees were paired up to practice assembling the DIY appliance and activating it using both options: animal manure or our biogas bacteria starter kit. They also had the chance to test out our biogas outhouse for themselves and see what it feels like to go potty knowing that your waste will be used to feed plants and make cooking gas instead of draining into a huge, commercial sewage treatment plant before eventually entering the ocean. Some would describe it as strangely satisfying. The HomeBiogas toilet is a valuable new addition to our mission that will be extremely useful in off-grid communities and areas that lack access to sanitation services. That is why our attendants like Frank from Ghana proudly proclaimed,

“The HomeBiogas appliance was made for Ghana. You made it in Israel, but it was made for Ghana.”

The hands-on activities were followed by professional training courses in marketing, sales, customer service, and impact reporting. Later on, a special Taboon dinner was served. It was beautiful to watch and hear the mealtime conversations of new friends which which had bonded so quickly over their common interest, despite their large geographical differences. Stories were told well into the night and at some point, a rap battle even broke out!

DAY 3: Show Your Stuff

The last day was unique in that individual attendees had the opportunity to present to everyone the way they planned to move forward in their communities. Participants received helpful feedback and constructive criticism from the HomeBiogas team and the other participants. Everyone left with a HomeBiogas technician certificate after making the sweetest oath amongst each other: the resellers all decided that they would meet up every year in a different location. With so many beautiful people and places to visit, we certainly hope it happens!

“My favorite part of the reseller course was having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who are champions of renewable energy in their own country. The resellers came from countries as diverse as Spain, France, Indonesia, Madagascar, and Easter Island (plus around 15 other countries) and they are all thinking ahead about how they can stimulate the clean energy transition in their communities. It’s exciting that we’ve all chosen to use HomeBiogas as a tool for a sustainable future.” – Lillian

Want to join in on the fun? Read more about becoming a HomeBiogas reseller.

If you are interested in initiating a meaningful career by selling sustainable products or starting your own business, then consider becoming a HomeBiogas reseller in your country. By doing so, you can work from home, be your own boss, and contribute to furthering the movement towards a cleaner environment.
Email [email protected] to learn more!

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