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Sustainable Luxury Glamping in Puerto Rico


We want to tell you about Aimee and John Eric!

Aimee and John Eric are wellness experts who live in beautiful Puerto Rico. They are passionate about supporting others through holistic health and having a positive impact on both their community and their environment. Together, the couple have overcome obstacles and learned how to manage their journey through practices including healthy eating and using mindfulness techniques  

Aimee and John Eric are wellness experts who live in beautiful Puerto Rico

Passionate About Their Impact

Aimee and John Eric only started using HomeBiogas systems this year but they say they’re already planning to order more. They are determined to find ways to leave an impact on their community and environment without causing damage to the island they live on or destroying its resources.  

The couple launched their dome project, which they rent to guests, in January 2023.  Prior to opening, John Eric was doing research to find an eco-sustainable toilet system to put in the dome project and he found HomeBiogas. According to Aimee, he was so excited about his discovery and went on to watch hours of youtube videos and figure out how he could bring the system to Puerto Rico.  Lucky for Aimee and John Eric, we deliver!  

We didn’t want to construct a sewage system so it work perfectly! Each of the domes has its own HomeBiogas Bio-toilet and the clients are so pleased with them.

Sustainable and Adventurous Luxury

Integrating sustainable practices into our daily lives does not mean doing away with comfort and cleanliness. With the use of the HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet Kit in their two domes, Turtle Dome and Rooster Dome, the couple is demonstrating just that. In the Airbnb listing for the beachside domes, they’ve written, “Glamping is an adventurer’s dream come true!” and say, ‘We believe in a sustainable concept of reusing and polluting as little as possible.”  They encourage their guests to use this opportunity to connect with nature and rest.

Our priority was to protect the ocean and to create a beautiful garden where we could use the effluent of the HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet to keep cultivating and create a beautiful cycle of nature.

connect with nature and rest

Demonstrate An Alternative 

Aimee explained that the HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet Kit was the perfect choice for their domes because they didn’t want to construct a well system. Each of the domes has its own HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet and the clients are extremely pleased with them. Since their January 2023 opening they haven’t received any complaints. They start each guest’s visit with a tour of the bathroom and they laugh about the toilet because it is often their first time using something like this.  

We are educating the Island that this is the way to go. Why keep building wells and putting more concrete in the land if we know that this Bio-Toilet system exists? We are definitely buying more for our next project.

We get it. For someone new to the concept, the idea that your waste will feed into a system that turns it into clean and renewable energy for cooking, and a nutrient rich product to feed a garden, is hard to believe.  But with a high priority of theirs being to protect the ocean that their domes are built alongside and the species that live within it, the HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet is a natural fit for Aimee and John Eric. Additionally, the couple was thrilled to create a beautiful cycle of nature, using the resulting effluent to cultivate their garden.  

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