HomeBiogas 4 and 6 – When Bigger is Better



It comes as a welcome surprise to many that it is feasible to create biogas, a renewable energy source, locally.  Biogas is a type of natural gas created by breaking down the bacteria in organic waste.  HomeBiogas systems recycle the food waste fed into them, producing biogas, which can then be used to cook your meals and fertilize your garden. Our smallest version, the HomeBiogas 2, makes it possible to cut waste at home. The system fits in typical suburban backyards and was created to be used in personal households, so individuals and families can eliminate food waste, reduce energy bills and take steps to living more sustainably.  

It’s thrilling to know that the HomeBiogas system is being used in individual homes. It means that people are taking real, actionable steps, to not only limit their reliance on non-renewable sources of energy, but that they are thinking big picture and long term. Someone who takes action from home, is taking a huge step toward promoting self-sufficient and sustainable living and they are prioritizing sharing responsibility for the environment with family and friends. Now that’s big! 

A family with vegetables from the garden

Our larger HomeBiogas systems, the HomeBiogas 4 and the HomeBiogas 7 are the ones creating the most dramatic domino effects and we believe that their continued use will ultimately inspire even more people to take action on both a large and small scale. These larger systems are designed for locations with more waste to recycle so practically speaking, they are doing a lot. On top of the renewable energy they’re creating though, the HomeBiogas 4 and 7 systems are also reaching a larger audience because of the places that they are being used.


When it comes to promoting sustainable living, the ‘aha moment’ is key. No matter how many times a concept is explained to someone, nothing compares to the moment when a person witnesses the creation of renewable energy and natural liquid fertilizer in a closed loop ecosystem where nothing is left to waste.  Add in the experience of using the resulting biogas to prepare a meal and pure magic is created! 

Sustainability centers are a crucial part of educating on the need for reducing our carbon footprint and eliminating waste and leading sustainable lives. They promote practical ways of implementing environmentally friendly living. The addition of a HomeBiogas system to sustainability centers and permaculture sites has given our customers the tools to demonstrate for their guests a closed loop eco-cycle in real time, repurposing waste as a resource to create and educate. 

Children learning about sustainability


One of the best things about HomeBiogas systems is that they are the logical choice.  We have entered the stage of sustainable solution building where there has been enough trial and error and innovation to ensure that the tools available to us make a lot of sense.  When it comes to using biogas in the kitchen, there’s the added benefit of gas being preferred to electricity by the large majority of chefs.  At a countryside restaurant committed to offering fresh and tasty food, HomeBiogas is an obvious choice.  Our customers who operate restaurants enjoy the added benefit of fertilizing their crops with yesterday’s waste, resulting in nutritious, locally grown fruit and vegetables ready to create delicious meals. 

When there’s ample space, a demand for gas, plenty of organic waste and a need for fertilizer, why not elevate the locally sourced food, farm-to-table dining experience? If farm to table is what initially attracts a customer to a countryside restaurant, then taking it one step beyond, from farm to table, to fertilizer, rounds out the entire meal.


With similar needs to a farm-to-table restaurant and often time with the addition of on-site residents, small farms that are home to those who cultivate them see huge benefits to using the HomeBiogas 4 or Homebiogas 7.  Like a countryside restaurant, having gas to cook meals on site is ideal for a small farm. The cherry (or whatever they are growing!) on top of course, is the added benefit of eliminating waste (and the smell that comes along with it) while making renewable energy and fertilizer.  These farms are able to retain the nutrients from their organic waste and add them back into the soil, replenishing the earth and increasing their bottom line.

Cooking on the farm – taking farm-to-table to a different level!


If we had to name just one place we would want to see the HomeBiogas 4 and HomeBiogas 7 systems being used, it’d be an eco hostel or lodge or any other kind of eco-friendly accommodation. When the HomeBiogas system is used at a hostel, hotel, guest house or lodge, it’s demonstrating sustainability on a whole new level!  We have even seen eco lodges create entire guest kitchens without the need for additional infrastructure.  By reducing fossil fuel use, eliminating waste and creating all natural fertilizer and renewable energy, an eco-friendly accommodation creating biogas locally, is providing guests with a closed loop eco-cycle. Guests see eco accommodations taking responsibility for their surroundings and the experience can empower them to do the same, long after their stay.  

Shared kitchens are more fun with HomeBiogas!

To say we are proud of who our customers are is an understatement.  We are absolutely ecstatic to see how the HomeBiogas 4 and the HomeBiogas 7 are being used to inspire sustainable living. We will admit that in the world of eco-living, bigger is oftentimes not better.  When it comes to our HomeBiogas products however, it’s pretty exciting to know that they are being used around the world to make a big impact.  

Whether you have a small backyard in your home or are operating a large sustainable business, you can cut down on your carbon footprint and begin to make and use renewable energy with a HomeBiogas system. See which HomeBiogas product is right for you!


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