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Thank Your Toilet  

The UN has declared November 19th to be World Toilet Day, to highlight that a toilet is truly a lifesaver. They’ve raised the question, ‘Who cares about toilets?’ Their answer is that 3.6 billion people care about toilets, because they don’t have one. While potty talk may be frowned upon at your dinner table, World Toilet Day is here to remind us that if we are lucky enough to have a toilet, we should thank it.

Public health depends on access to toilets. According to the UN, at least 2 billion people around the world drink water from a source contaminated with feces.  Over 700 children under five years old die from diarrhea linked to unsafe water, sanitation and poor hygiene every single day.  World Toilet Day is here to not only remind those who have toilets to appreciate them, but also to urge governments to ensure toilets for all by 2030, explaining that there will be no sustainable future without toilets.

On the UN website it is written “Even though sanitation is a human right recognized by the United Nations, we urgently need massive investment and innovation to quadruple progress all along the ‘sanitation chain,’ from toilets to the transport, collection and treatment of human waste.”

HomeBiogas is Thankful

HomeBiogas systems fulfill the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and with nearly 6,000 families in Africa and Asia using them, each year there are over 6,400,000 hours cooked on clean, renewable energy. With many of our HomeBiogas system users living off-grid in developing countries, we appreciate that World Toilet Day is bringing awareness to the value of toilet access. 

Requiring zero human intervention, the HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet uses the anaerobic system to transform waste into renewable energy. For individuals without access to sewage systems or a water grid, the HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet is an accessible, safe and environmentally friendly way to address the universal need for a place to go to the bathroom.

The HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet

Don’t Waste Your Waste

Don’t typically allow potty talk in your eating and cooking area? Completely hygienic and kind to the environment, our toilet warrants an exception to the rule. On top of being a great bathroom solution for communities with limited access to resources or individuals living off-grid without a sewage system, the HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet Kit is an ideal option for anyone in need of an energy source for cooking. 

Just as the HomeBiogas system transforms food waste and other organic matter into usable renewable energy, the HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet Kit does the same with human waste.  Adding to its usefulness, while transforming human waste into biogas for cooking and into fertilizer for crops, the toilet also saves water, using only 1.2 liters per flush compared to the 9 liters used on average per flush with a conventional toilet. 

Everybody Needs a Toilet

From the family educating their children about self-sufficient living and the complete food cycle, to the community in India creating their own renewable energy source and minimizing their physical trash, people across the world turn to HomeBiogas products as an accessible solution to everyday human needs. We believe that producing biogas for use is a cost effective and accessible option for individuals looking to help the world one pee at a time. Ready to turn your body’s waste into a valuable and environmentally friendly resource while completing a full eco-cycle in your own home? See which HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet Kit is right for you! 

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