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Fall In Love With Cooking All Over Again 

Yesterday's leftovers are today's energy

Keeping a sustainable lifestyle and creating your renewable energy is a mission, yet it can also be fun and exciting!
From an easy-to-use device experience, and the excitement of watching yesterday’s leftovers turns into today’s meal through the professional cooking sense that makes you the chef in your home kitchen.

HomeBiogas generates up to 600 liters of biogas per day, equivalent to 2 hours of cooking, transforming organic waste into renewable energy. In simple terms – you can make an omelet with yesterday’s potato peels.


Peeling potatoes for cooking


Taking sustainable cooking to the next level

Sustainable cooking is all about choices. From the goods, we select in the market to the usage of our kitchen appliances. The way we consume food affects local sustainability, health, and the environment. Over 1.3 Billion tonnes of food goes to landfills every year; we must start re-thinking our relationship with food.

We are sure you know the basics… learning your labels, preferring more plant-based foods, local and seasonally grown, using the whole vegetable from stem to leaf, cooking a whole chicken instead of pieces; you have already taken the first step! But why stop there?

Using renewable clean energy is probably the most obvious example of sustainability. HomeBiogas is a waste-to-energy product that will change your life forever—producing a moderate flame heat that is perfect for delicious dishes and enough energy for a full, well-cooked homemade meal.



Cook like a pro with green-energy flames 

Ask 100 chefs what type of kitchen stove they prefer and 96% of them will say gas. Gourmet cooks and chefs would never consider cooking with anything other than live flames. Not only do they state it to be a far better cooking experience, but also because gas ranges heat up much faster, the flames work better with different cookware types, and it’s easier to clean and maintain.

Watch how Momo, a professional chef and sustainability ambassador, using the HomeBiogas system for the first time.




HomeBiogas is safer for you, your home, and the environment.  Biogas is renewable energy vs. LPG and natural gas, which are fossil fuels. Cooking with biogas saves about 6 tons of carbon emissions a year. Biogas has no smell, no smoke, no danger, and no cost.

HomeBiogas systems produce another fantastic by-product daily: the Bio-Fertilizer. Packed with macro and micronutrition that accelerate the growth and enhance the taste of your garden veggies.



fresh radishes, carrots, potatoes and other vegetables in a wooden box

It will make you fall in love with cooking all over again and forever delight in the nexus synergies. I say this after 13 years of biogas cooking at home - Thomas Henry Culhane
Food leftovers in a bucket
Tomatoes in a bowl
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