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15 Best Homesteading YouTube Channels in 2023


After all, what’s better than being passionate about something, and being able to easily get inspired by how other homesteaders do it? Not only that, but by watching the best homesteading YouTube channels, you’re supporting sustainable living and someone else’s livelihood (as the more views a video gets, the more advertising revenue the creator receives). 

The Rise of Homesteading YouTube Influencers

But first, let’s clear up a few things up about homesteading, and why it’s become such a popular YouTube category. 

“Homesteading” was the way that settlers in the days of your established and settled their lands, which eventually became cities. 

Modern homesteading, the likes of which you’ll see videos about on YouTube, takes the same idea but reverses it: leaving cities to settle some land with the goal to become self-sufficient, and live sustainably. It’s a modern twist, aiming to become more environmentally aware and conscious. 

Each of the below best homesteading YouTube channels approach this idea a little differently. For some, it could be subsisting on an entirely home-grown vegan lifestyle; for others, it might involve raising and eating their own produce, including livestock. 

The best thing about YouTube homesteading channels is that it’s super easy to interact with the creators themselves. All you need to do is leave a comment, join a livestream or otherwise, and you get to ask questions and beyond! 

You should check out each of the below top homesteading YouTube channels and see what you like best, especially if you aim to homestead yourself! 

The 15 Best Homesteading YouTube Channel You Should Follow in 2021

  1. Arms Family Homestead
    Oklahoma State Trooper Daniel teaches his family to live sustainably through hunting and fishing their own food. He’s extremely interactive with fans and followers, and states he homesteads as a way to ‘provide what we can for ourselves’. 
  2. Wranglerstar
    Taking things in a slightly different direction, this is one of the best homesteading YouTube channels for those of us who like things a little differently. You’ll see Mr. Wrangelerstar chopping, blowing things up, trapping, falling over, baking, welting, and more alongside his family, no-holds-barred.
  3. Markerbuoy
    Having lived off-grid for about 20 years or so, Markerbuoy takes modern homesteading to a slightly different direction than others on our list. Rather than focusing on eco-friendly living, he aims for a more private angle. You can check out his must-watch videos on installing solar panels, building your own cabin and how to build other daily items you couldn’t live without. 
  4. Guildbrook Farm, Off Grid Living
    This is homesteading with a “prepper” focus: if you’re looking to live off the land, while also preparing for the upcoming apocalypse/rapture (or any other disaster that could wipe us out), then Guildbrook Farm is mandatory viewing for you. Based in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, the Guildbrook family raise their own chickens and pigs, farm their organic garden and build renewable energy systems, all while prepping for mass extinction. 
  5. Michigan Snow Pony
    If you’re looking for topics as diverse as how to drill your own well, the best sustainable recipes based on what you have around you, and a whale lot of gorgeous pony-related content, then  this is the channel for you. It’s a how-to guide of anything and everything to do with homesteading, and is really one of the best homesteading YouTube channels for wannabe-homesteaders of all stages. 
  6. Keeping it Dutch
    A family man who “wanted out of city life”, this channel gives you a lot of smoking and Dutch oven cooking content for you to check out (and drool over). Eli’s very honest about what’s the most challenging aspects of homesteading, which isn’t something you see very often with other homesteading YouTube channels. 
  7. Texasprepper2
    Texasprepper2 teaches you everything, regardless of how little or much knowledge you have about either homesteading or prepping. The best thing about this homesteading YouTube channel, however, has to be that all of his advice is applicable to you whether you have a massive homestead, or even just a small urban backyard to work with. 
  8. Life Uncontained
    One of the funniest of the best homesteading YouTube channels on this list, Life Uncontained says it like it is. And that is that they’re “inspired by our post road trips, the groupies of the seventies, and the alien, Elon Musk” in their homesteading journey. Join them as they move from Florida to Texas, with the aim of being debt-free and living in a net-zero shipping container home. 
  9. Stoney Ridge Farm
    Josh is both hilarious to watch and very interesting. He gives you the lowdown on the daily life of building and running a homesteading farm, raising crops and livestock, and rehabilitating old fields. It’s an exciting and deep look at how to build a farm from absolute scratch. 
  10. Off-Grid with Doug and Stacy
    Bringing the ‘homestead’ back to homesteading YouTube channels, Doug and Stacy do things pioneer-style. They live completely off-grid, without solar, wind power, public water, or otherwise. It truly is one of the best homesteading YouTube channels to see what old-school homesteading might have looked like. 
  11. Swedish Homestead
    The only non-US homestead, these Swedes have been living as three generations on a farm, fixing it up and living off of it. It’s a fascinating glimpse at how non-Americans take to homesteading, and for so long: they’ve been homesteading since 2003. 
  12. Weed ‘em and Reap
    The only urban homesteading YouTube channel on this list, the DaNelle family has an urban farm based out of Phoenix, Arizona. They raise livestock and have grown an organic garden despite the Arizona desert landscape. They explore the interesting intersection between urban and rural, and it makes for thought-provoking viewing. 
  13. Pure Living for Life
    What started as life in an RV, and moved to building their dream home in the Pacific Northwest. This channel focuses on building their “own house with their own bare hands”. They’re (on their own admission) “total newbies”, but if they can do it, then anyone can! 
  14. Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
    A pretty new homesteading YouTube channel, this young family of 5, based in Virginia, are building their own home (literally themselves) while also developing their homesteading, sustainable lifestyle. 
  15. Martin Johnson
    Having traveled the world, even going as far as to live off-grid in a jungle village in New Guinea, the Johnsons have been developing their homesteading farm in Idaho ever since May 2019. 

How HomeBiogas Helps Homesteaders

Living sustainably doesn’t mean you need to uproot your family and go off-grid; there are several things you can do that will make just an impact, while also helping you to live sustainably. 

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