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All About Erin

Erin lives in the California City of Twentynine Palms, located at about 15 miles to each of the entrances to Joshua Tree National Park. Bursting with entrepreneurial spirit and living on 10 acres of land with an amazing view of Joshua Tree, Erin created an Eco Yurt Village (28 Palms Ranch) “to give my guests the opportunity to completely check into nature and check out of screenville.” 

With a love of hiking and a passion for being outdoors as much as possible, Erin says she is just trying to leave a more beautiful world behind.

Bringing Biogas Home

Erin bought her first HomeBiogas system  about a year and a half ago.  She says she loves using the biogas to cook and even got rid of her oven and range completely.  She installed 6 additional HomeBiogas systems (one at each yurt!) and will be installing 5 more in the near future. In addition to helping reduce her carbon footprint, HomeBiogas was the solution to Erin’s huge issue of not having an underground septic system or access to a local sewer.  She says that she could not imagine having a gross outhouse for her guests. HomeBiogas allows Erin to have flushing toilets at each yurt and it eliminates waste down to nothing.  On top of that, we were thrilled to hear that Erin saves quite a bit of money on propane so the economic offset has paid for the systems in no time.

  Life With HomeBiogas

When we asked how the HomeBiogas system fits into her day to day life, we were pretty excited by her answer.  In addition to using the resulting biogas to cook everyday, Erin plans to plant approximately 75 trees around her property and will be using the resulting fertilizer from the HomeBiogas system in the planting process.  The trees and plants Erin already has grown have been lucky recipients of the nutrient rich HomeBiogas fertilizer.  As for how her guests view the systems, Erin says that her grown son is a big fan of it and that her guests really love the concept.  She’s enjoyed teaching her guests about creating and using biogas and is pleased with how much younger guests love feeding the system their food scraps. 

we love teaching our guests and their kids about the system and the kids love feeding the food scraps into it

Choosing HomeBiogas

Not only is Erin happy with how much she’s been able to reduce her own carbon footprint, but she also says that her HomeBiogas system completely counters her car’s carbon footprint and she’s pretty sure that the systems her guests use cancels out their drive to the beautiful desert. 

The decision to use HomeBiogas was a no brainer on so many levels, it is fun to see the look on people’s faces when I describe it, but they really love the idea

Good News Only

We are smiling pretty hard right now. The good news is that when it comes to Erin and her HomeBiogas system, she doesn’t seem to have a bad thing to say.  It’s no surprise to hear that she ‘definitely recommends a HomeBiogas system for everyone’ since they are very affordable and we all need to reduce the amount of waste we contribute to the Earth.

Whether you run an eco lodge like Erin or are just busy running your personal household, a HomeBiogas system is an accessible and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint and create clean energy for yourself. See which HomeBiogas system best fits your lifestyle.

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