Microsoft Includes HomeBiogas in Environmental Sustainability Report


From Pledge to Progress

With the tagline ‘from pledge to progress,’ Microsoft’s 2021 Environmental Sustainability Report, spells out exactly how Microsoft plans to enable system change.  “We are focused on new ways to harness the power of technology, partnerships, and investments to drive impact at scale and pace to help the world more effectively transform to a circular economy,” the report says.  

Microsoft appears to be taking a holistic approach to reaching its goals, working toward them from a variety of angles. In 2020, Microsoft invested in Closed Loop Partners’ funds to help accelerate the development of infrastructure, innovation, and business models for supply chain digitization, e-waste collection, food waste reduction, and recycling industry products. Closed Loop Partners is an investment firm and innovation center working to advance the circular economy, a new economic model focused on a profitable, sustainable and waste-free future. Closed Loop Partners is an early investor in HomeBiogas and has helped expand the company into the North American market. 

Zero Waste Concept

According to the 2021 Circularity Gap Report, in 2020, only 8.6 percent of the 100 billion tons of materials consumed, were funneled back into the economy after use. Thankfully, Microsoft believes that as a company that makes and manufactures devices, they have an obligation to responsibly source their materials and to create a more circular economy.  Microsoft understands that circular materials management requires the transition from discarding materials to reusing them.

In order to achieve zero waste and to accelerate the shift toward a circular economy, all parties involved must commit to changing the systems that are already in place. This is much bigger than simply asking consumers to recycle. What is needed to enable this change is for the companies producing goods to consider what and how materials are used, to shift to products that can be reused and to facilitate the process of reusing the materials.  

HomeBiogas is Enabling Systems Change

With a product that promotes a zero-waste lifestyle and contributes to a circular economy, HomeBiogas was included in Microsoft’s 2021 Environmental Sustainability Report, in the section titled ‘Enabling Systems Change.’  The report explains that HomeBiogas is a leader in developing affordable and simple-to-use biogas systems.  It not only highlighted that a typical household can save six tons of CO2 emissions a year with the HomeBiogas 2 system, but it also emphasized recent improvements HomeBiogas has made to the product.  Recent updates to the HomeBiogas systems include lengthening the product’s shelf life to over fifteen years as well as using 100% recyclable materials so that when the system does need to be replaced, it doesn’t add waste to the environment. 

HomeBiogas in the Microsoft Sustainability Report

 Part of the Solution with HomeBiogas

HomeBiogas is proud to be included in Microsoft’s Sustainability Report and to be able to enable more businesses and individuals to join in on the effort to lead a zero-waste lifestyle.

We hope that with large companies like Microsoft drawing attention to the importance of living a sustainable life and creating a circular economy, a domino effect will occur and before we know it, the whole world will come together around this shared goal.

By including HomeBiogas in their report and highlighting the affordability and ease of use of HomeBiogas products, Microsoft is showcasing an easy and cost-effective way to be kind to our environment. HomeBiogas systems manage waste, create clean energy for cooking and produce an all-natural fertilizer. 

Ready to get on board with the zero-waste lifestyle? Check out HomeBiogas products and find the best one for your life! 

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