Tropical Permaculture Paradise


Introducing Mike and Britney!

Mike and Britney are only in their thirties but they describe themselves as a retired engineer and retired hair stylist. The couple left their life in Colorado to move to a small mountain town in Puerto Rico where, along with their daughter Eboni, they live off of the land as sustainably as possible. On their six acres of land the family has a permaculture food forest where they grow a variety of tropical fruit trees and medicinal plants.  

Mike, Britney and Eboni with their HomeBiogas System

Living Their Best & Most Balanced Life

Mike and Britney strive to strike a balance between enjoying some of life’s modern luxuries without contributing to the destruction of the planet. They are passionate about learning how to live as close to nature as they can. Their family has adopted a vegan diet, lives off-grid and keeps their travel to a minimum in order to reduce their carbon footprint. They enjoy growing plants, working on DIY projects and spending time in their incredible food forest. Luckily for the rest of us, Mike and Britney share photos, videos and stories about their incredible adventures on Instagram and YouTube

It feels really good knowing that we aren’t depending on anyone but ourselves to process our waste & produce fuel for our daily needs.

Feeding Their HomeBiogas to Feed Themselves 

Having moved to Puerto Rico shortly after Hurricane Maria, Mike and Britney were witness to the hardships many of their neighbors faced when it came to fueling their homes for food preparation and heating water.  That awareness paired with the general limited access to certain resources typical of life in the mountains of a small town, encouraged the couple to focus on self sustainable living and ultimately led them purchase a HomeBiogas system. 

Their family uses the gas from their HomeBiogas 2 to cook up to three times a day. Mike and Britney explained that their biogas system is one of the best investments they made for their homestead and that it has saved them a lot of money on propane and butane for cooking and heating water. They feed their system with food waste twice a week.  

Additionally, the family is able to collect and store about 10 gallons of bio-fertilizer every week and use it to feed their variety of plants and trees.

The sound of methane bubbles floating into the gas bag of our system is the equivalent to the cha-ching sound for us. It brings us so much joy!

Mountain Life with HomeBiogas

Mike and Britney explained that with the heavy rain in their region, it is difficult to feed their plants with traditional compost as it washes away easily. Easier than dealing with compost, the bio-fertilizer has been a gamechanger for them, making it easier to grow and nourish healthy plants. The bio-fertilizer allows them to fertilize their plants in a way that they can utilize the nutrients immediately.

Teaching The Next Generation

Mike and Britney believe that every home or building that has a kitchen or bathroom should have a HomeBiogas system.  Like our team at HomeBiogas, the couple thinks that this technology is a great way to get people more involved in taking responsibility for their own waste management and energy consumption. 

Truly practicing what they preach, the family’s HomeBiogas system plays a role in educating Eboni, their teenage daughter.  Mike and Britney feel it’s vital that Eboni understand the impact individuals have on the world in which she lives. “We’re grateful to be able to show her the value in things that we were taught to view as waste.” Luckily for them, Eboni is often the one to feed the family’s HomeBiogas digester, having gotten the hang of it pretty quickly.

Britney, Mike and Eboni grow tropical fruit on their land in Puerto Rico 

Honored to Be a Part of The Movement 

We were thrilled to hear about how happy Mike and Britney are with their HomeBiogas system. They told us how they appreciate being able to see the gas they have available to them and to be able to create more gas essentially for free. 

Since installing their HomeBiogas system, Mike, Britney and Eboni have succeeded in reducing their carbon footprint and felt relief knowing that they don’t have to rely on mined fuels like propane and natural gas. They feel incredibly satisfied knowing that they aren’t depending on anyone but themselves to process their waste and to produce fuel for daily needs.

We feel honored to be a part of such a cool movement that is very much needed right now. We want to thank the HomeBiogas team for providing an easy way for people to make a huge difference.

Britney loves finding ways to prepare and enjoy the variety of plants that grow on her land
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