2021: Our Year in Review


Growth and Expansion

HomeBiogas on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

HomeBiogas had a successful initial public offering (IPO) in Israel, with a valuation of NIS 310 million, approximately USD 94 million. With the rapidly increasing interest in more sustainable solutions for waste management and energy production onsite, HomeBiogas is meeting the needs of a growing number of households around the world. Read more about HomeBiogas’ successful IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. 

We’ve Been Growing!

With the rising demand for HomeBiogas systems, we are thrilled to have welcomed 40 new employees to HomeBiogas, almost doubling our team in the last year. During 2021 HomeBiogas opened a warehouse in the United States as well as a logistics center in Caesarea, Israel.  We are now operating in more than 100 countries, with over 20 distributors and are proud to ship HomeBiogas products worldwide . 

Taking Care of Business

HomeBiogas launched and deployed our first two industrial systems in Israel. Designed for larger scale organic waste treatment, these systems are now being used at the Hadassah Neurim school cafeteria and the Kibbutz Yagur dining hall, providing both institutions with a safe, cost effective and low maintenance way to turn their waste into hot water.  Click here to see a graphic that illustrates the industrial process.

The HomeBiogas Industrial System in Kibbutz Yagur

Oh The Places We’ve Been!

The President’s Residence 

HomeBiogas had the honor of visiting the President’s residence and meeting with Israel’s COP26 delegation, including President Isaac Herzog, Tamar Zandberg, Israel’s Minister of Environmental Protection and Karine Elharrar, Israel’s Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources. We had the opportunity to present our technological solutions to the delegation before they went to COP26 in Glasgow.

HomeBiogas at the President’s residence

Mars Simulation Mission

In October 2021, HomeBiogas participated in the most advanced manned Mars simulation ever to take place. Our systems were integrated into a ‘space station’ and used by astronauts to understand how their waste could be converted into energy on a future mission to Mars. The mission was managed by the Austrian Space Forum and took place at the Ramon Crater in the South of Israel with over 200  researchers from 25 countries participating. Read on for mission details or watch the video here.  

Our HomeBiogas System on the “Mars Space Station”

The Amazon Rainforest

One HomeBiogas system went on a special journey! It took 72 hours of riding on planes, boats and cars to get the HomeBiogas system to its final destination, one of the most remote regions of the Amazon.  Watch the exciting and beautiful journey.  

Expo 2020 in Dubai 

Chen Levy, Head of Business of the Industrial System at HomeBiogas, presented our innovative solutions at Climate and Biodiversity Week, the opening week of Expo 2020 in Dubai. The goal of Climate and Biodiversity week was to raise global awareness and action in the ongoing effort to tackle the climate crisis and protect the environment.

Global Partnerships

Working Together To Build a Bright Future

One of our primary goals at HomeBiogas is to build partnerships with organizations and local companies in rural areas around the world. In 2021 we teamed up with incredible partners across South America, Africa and Asia, enabling us to reach communities in remote areas, who benefit greatly from both the clean cooking gas and fertilizer produced from feeding organic waste to HomeBiogas systems. 

HomeBiogas participated in two corporate social responsibility projects in India. In partnership with the Adani Foundation, 125 HomeBiogas systems were implemented in Mundra, Gujarat, where hundreds of families now have access to clean energy, which is converted into cooking gas and bio-fertilizer. With HCL Samuday, a flagship program of the HCL Foundation, HomeBiogas installed 70 systems in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, where HomeBiogas bio-fertilizer is enabling farmers to reduce reliance on the purchasing of chemical pesticides.  Both projects contribute to local women’s empowerment, economic stability, sustainable agricultural practices and improved sanitation. 

HomeBiogas was also awarded a UN tender at refugee camps in Africa where HomeBiogas systems now manage the large amounts of waste produced onsite.  

HomeBiogas system in Mundra Gujarat – Adani Project

New and Noteworthy Integrations

We are thrilled at all the possibilities that our recent partnerships have produced. Our latest collaborations have the potential to help both individuals and larger entities cut down on energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint.  In July 2021 we signed a memorandum of understanding with DAI, enabling them to promote HomeBiogas systems in emerging markets.  HomeBiogas teamed up with Qnergy in order to integrate their stand-alone power generator into HomeBiogas systems, allowing organic waste to be turned into electricity on-site.  We also paired Xylem’s toilet technology with our anaerobic system to create the HomeBiogas bio-toilet.  

HomeBiogas and Xylem- Bio-Toilet integration

Thank you to our incredible customers and partners for another outstanding year, working together to promote sustainability and innovation! Wishing you a wonderful 2022!

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