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Welcome to Sri Lanka!

HomeBiogas signed a distribution agreement with a company for the exclusive distribution of HomeBiogas products in Sri Lanka for a period of 3 years. DIMO, the company in Sri Lanka employs about 1,900 employees and serves as exclusive distributor of leading brands in various fields such as agriculture, vehicles, machines, medical systems and more.

Introducing the system to our newest distributor

Sri Lanka, the organic nation

The Sri Lankan market has immense potential for innovative sustainable solutions such as HomeBiogas. In May last year, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa ordered a halt to importing chemical fertilizers in order to turn the island nation’s agriculture sector to 100% organic. The ban has since partially been lifted, but the country still seeks to promote green agriculture and the use of organic fertilizers on crops.

The HomeBiogas Liquid Bio-Fertilizer contains all the essential elements needed for a healthy crop growth and is packed with macro and micro nutrients and can replace or diminish the use of chemical fertilizers. The HomeBiogas Bio-Fertilizer is widely used by farmers around the world and is very relevant for the Sri Lankan market , where according to the Ministry of Agriculture, about 1.65 million smallholder farmers operate on average less than 2 hectares and contribute 80 percent of the total annual food production.

In addition, the retail price of cooking gas cylinders in Sri Lanka recorded an exponential rise following the government’s recent announcement of ending price control for essential commodities. HomeBiogas systems offers a sustainable alternative solution as they easily transforms organic waste into free cooking gas!

Setting up systems in Sri Lanka

Creating a positive Impact, together

Oshik Efrati, CEO at HomeBiogas: “We believe that Sri Lanka offers a perfect fit for HomeBiogas’ vision and mission as the local government supports a green agenda and promotes the use of organic agricultural products. Our systems offer a sustainable solution that will improve the soil and benefit the environment. We trust that together with DIMO, we will be able to create a real positive impact around the country.”

HomeBiogas and DIMO are off to a great start!

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